Is Samantha Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She Deserves A Break From Drama

Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 is coming to an end, and now it's time to wonder if the relationships that built up over the course of the past six weeks are going to last. So is Samantha Steffen single after Bachelor in Paradise ? After a tumultuous couple of episodes, she wound up dating Nick Peterson, and I strongly suspect that they are still together. You know what? I'm not mad about it. I think Nick P. and Samantha deserve one another, as savvy players of the BiP game, scapegoats who were accused of "cheating" or playing unfairly, and who have now seemingly entered into a pretty solid relationship.

Even though she's had plenty of suitors during her time in Paradise, I wouldn't say that Sam's had an easy time on the show. She was labeled as the "villain" by Joe after she chose to send him home, and somehow the label stuck, even though Joe didn't wind up being much of a charmer himself. But somehow he managed to befriend most of the cast, and many of them turned on Samantha after he left, trying to encourage new contestants not to pick her and conspiring to send her home. Now she's with Nick on the show, and I think the relationship they've built looks solid enough to last after the cameras stop rolling.

Samantha Admitted To Those Texts

Since Joe Bailey revealed that he and Samantha really did contact one another before the show started, it's not crazy to consider that she also could have been in contact with Nick, so they may have been working on their relationship for longer than the month Paradise takes to film.

She Seems To Find Her Portrayal Hilarious

It's probably easy to let the harder moments roll off of her back if she wound up finding love on the show.

She's Hanging Out With Her Dad

Good sign, or bad one? Well, Samantha has called her dad a total goofball in the past, so I'm thinking both were enjoying some good news.

She Thinks Joe Should Chill Out

Yes, Samantha admitted that she did text Joe, but she claims that he shouldn't have taken things so seriously. Maybe she was just playing the field, and never made a commitment to Joe at all.

She Has Some Friends From Paradise

It looks like despite her "villain" status, Samantha managed to find some good friends from the show. Sidenote — are Amber and Mikey holding hands in that pic? Could there be another post-Paradise relationship going on? Is Nick P. secretly taking this photo of a double date... plus Dan??

She's Posting Producer Selfies

If she's being so buddy-buddy with a producer, it might be a sign that the show helped her find love.

She Called Nick A "Good Guy"

I'm not going to say "I rest my case," because her use of the word "friend" means that Nick and Samantha might just be playing yet another savvy trick on the audience. But maybe I'm just a sucker, because I'm really starting to believe that not only are Samantha and Nick still together after Bachelor in Paradise, but that they're actually quite a good match.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC