Is Samantha Dating Anyone After 'Bachelor in Paradise'? Social Media Doesn't Give Us Too Many Clues

Don't get me wrong: Bachelor in Paradise is dramatic all on its own, but it's gotten exponentially more so since Samantha Steffen rolled into Bachelor in Paradise rolled into town. Between her turbulent relationship with Joe Bailey, the text message debacle that followed, and her semi-relationships with Dan Cox and Nick Peterson, Sam's usually the topic of conversation. But it definitely seems like Sam is in paradise specifically for the reason of finding a lasting relationship, even if she ends up burning a few bridges in the process. So what's the deal? Is Sam dating post- BIP or is she still single?

According to social media, it's hard to tell. Sam doesn't divulge much about her personal life, even if she is very chatty about the stuff that happens on BIP. And the closest thing to a clue? Isn't even an actual clue. It's yet to be determined whether or not their relationship actually worked out, but for whatever it's worth, she is still hanging out with Dan. Last week, she posted an Instagram photo of her, Dan, Mikey, and Amber all hanging out, so while I can easily see that it may not have been a date, there's no reason why they might not still be together.

Otherwise, she talks almost exclusively about the show, her cast mates, and occasionally shows off photos of her ridiculously adorable dog. Actually, I could definitely do with more dog photos. On Sam's Twitter and in life in general.

I'm OK with the fact that Sam isn't giving us too much info about her personal life on Twitter and Instagram for the sole reason that it's obvious she and Joe are no longer a thing. If their relationship was the one that survived paradise, I would never be able to watch this show again.

Just kidding. That would never happen. But seriously, Sam and Joe do not work.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC