Why Did Caprice Bourret Leave 'Ladies Of London'?

Someone else will have to stir up drama with Caroline Stanbury this year, because Caprice Bourret has left Ladies of London and will not appear on Season 2. The new episodes will air on Bravo this September without the former model, philanthropist, and CEO.

There have been a few cast shakeups on the Bravo series, which seems to be on par for a show like this — just look at the various changes made to the Real Housewives franchises over the years. Most reality casts evolve over time, and in real life your friends move on. Caprice Bourret is not the only cast member to leave the series either. Noelle Reno has also declined to appear following the the death of her fiancé. However, I do have some good news. According to Twitter, Caprice and Noelle are still good friends and enjoying their time off the show. In their place, friend of the ladies Julie Montagu is joining the show as the main cast, and Danish royalty member Caroline Fleming is also new. Another Caroline? Yeesh.

So, why is Bourret not returning to the series? By all accounts, she's just too busy with other pursuits. Sure, running a household and multiple business ventures has never stopped a Real Housewife or reality television star before. However, I don't think we should fault Caprice for being a full-time business woman. She definitely has her priorities in order! Here are just a few things that Caprice Bourret has been doing this year instead of appearing on Ladies of London.

Running A Lingerie Company

Bourret is the CEO and founder of By Caprice. She not only runs the business, but often speaks on behalf of female CEOs at various engagements.

Raising Two Toddlers

On the last season of Ladies in London, we learned that Caprice Bourret has two sons that were born weeks apart. She carried one, and another was carried by a surrogate mother. The boys' names are Jax and Jett, and in addition Bourret has three stepchildren. That's a lot of little ones to wrangle on top of television crews and your full-time job as CEO.

Publishing An Autobiography

The book covers her business, parenting, as well as her years acting, singing, and modeling. Who knows? Maybe Ladies of London will make an appearance, and we'll get the real scoop. However, it all seems pretty inoffensive from my point of view. Caprice Bourret is just living her life, and a rather full life at that!

Image: Bravo