Street View Maps For Cats Is A Real Thing, Because Apparently Cat's Eye View Is The Best POV

They might not drive or need to take themselves to the grocery store, but gosh darn it, there's no good reasons why cats shouldn't have the luxury of exploring nearby streets from the comfort of their laptops (cats love laptops!). To this noble feline end, the tourism board in the Japanese prefecture of Hiroshima has created street view map for cats who reside in Onomichi, Japan. If they are sophisticated enough to operate a computer and interpret the images on the screen (which hello, my cats definitely can pull off), cats in Onomichi can check out their favorite local shops, restaurants, or even bars! Not that they can really go to any of those places alone, but still. There's even the option for cats to drop a pin on the map to indicate where they live so that they are easily accessibly to their buddies.

So, obviously our cat companions will not be able to navigate this tool on their own, meaning that the real fun lies in getting to walk around the city as if we were cats, getting a new perspective on what it means to stroll around. Think of all the new little joys we'd find while prowling around our neighborhood like a kitty. Closer to the ground, we'd appreciate a whole new world.

OMG, Shoelaces Everywhere


Cats love shoelaces (it's an objective fact), so getting down to a kitty level would reveal a whole new world of toys, aka other peoples' shoes.

So Many Free Snacks


The 10-second rule doesn't apply while you're in cat mode! Free snacks will abound on the ground; a whole cornucopia we can't notice all the way up at our normal human eye level.

Lots Of Cool New Friends

Thanks to the super helpful feature in the new map that shows where all the cool cats hang out, the cat map would make it a whole lot easier to make hip new buddies.

All The Shortcuts


From the vantage point of a cat, all kinds of shortcuts and sneaky directional workarounds would appear. That much quicker to get to the bar on a Friday night!

Best Of All: Hiding Spots


For the times you want to run away and be left alone, the close-to-the-ground kitty view would come in really handy for finding the best little hiding spots.

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