GWNJ X RP Made You This Pizza Necklace

Having no job is easy, but making a living off it is hard. Claudia Oshry knows how to #hustle, and the Insta-famous Girl With No Job is revealing her hard-working non-job awesomeness with a new Girl With No Job X Ryan Porter jewelry collab. The three piece collection is everything you'd expect from this fun, pop culture lovin,' tongue-in-cheek goddess.

Bustle first fell in love with GWNJ thanks to her hilarious Instagram account. Seriously, if you just need to stop what you're doing today and giggle, head over there ASAP. And warning you in advance, you're going to laugh out loud (like really loud) if you watch Oshry's "fakeup"tutorials, so they may be NSFW if your office is a sad, sad quiet place.

As for the jewelry, GWNJ teamed up with Ryan Porter. For those that don't know, Ryan Porter is not some man named Ryan, but actually Krysten Kauder. On the Ryan Porter site, she explained, "I wanted to make something to add to my arm party that also meant something to me. The name Ryan is a family name—Porter means 'to wear.' The name just clicked."

Given Ryan Porter's feisty messages and playful vibes, the collab is a match made in humorous bad ass heaven.

1. Love Pizza Bracelet

I feel like, given her proven love of pizza, Miley Cyrus will be all about this piece. Lord knows I am! (Love Pizza Bracelet, $35, shopryanporter)

2. Gorgina Necklace

Full disclosure: I didn't know what Gorgina meant and dragged my editors into a deep dive on Google. Now I feel really old and out of it for not knowing. So, for you other grandma twenty-somethings that aren't hip with the youngsters either, it means "gorgeous!" Keep up with the kids and rock this super cute body positive neck piece! (Gorgina necklace, $58, shopryanporter)

3. Shades Earrings

Emoji earrings. Squeeeeee. So cute. So fun. So MADE WITH REAL GOLD-FILLED POSTS BLING BLING WUT. (Shades Earrings, $68, shopryanporter)

Image: GWNJ x Ryan Porter