Miley Cyrus' Photoshop Skills Are Amazing & Her Best Social Media Posts Are Proof Of IT

We live in a world dominated by Photoshop. Legs are slimmed, waists are tucked, and teeth are whitened every day as Photoshoppers distort our perceptions of beauty with their magical mouse clicks. Thankfully, there's someone out there who is using the powers of Photoshop for good rather than evil — Miley Cyrus. Miley's most recent Instagram photos, in which she masquerades as baby North West (again) have finally pushed me over the edge. I cannot, in good conscience, go on anymore without examining Miley Cyrus' 21 best photoshop Instagrams.

Miley is known for posting some, um, eccentric Photoshop creations to Instagram, many of which involve Miley being 'shopped into the Kardashian/West clan. I can only imagine that Kimye is none too thrilled with Miley's obsession with North (am I the only one hoping for another string of angry Kanye tweets about this?). However, even if Kimye doesn't approve, it has provided me with hours (or at least, several minutes) of hilarity and I fully embrace Miley's Photoshop adventures.

Miley's never played it safe with her Instagram, but this recent crop of photos really pushes the (very full) envelope of weird stuff Miley does on social media. Miley's barrage of Photoshopped images has been especially persistent in the last few weeks and I can only hope she will continue delighting the world with these Photoshopped Instagram masterpieces.

Baby Miley Bonds with Dada Kanye

Move over, Billy Ray. There's a new dad in town.

Miley Makes Her Love for Pizza Permanent

People always tell cautionary tales about tattooing a lover's name on your body. Some say it's a jinx, others just simply point out the impracticality of assuming you will love the same person forever. This is one case, though, where those rules simply wouldn't apply. Miley's love for pizza is obviously timeless (as is my own) and, I, for one, hope to see this 'shopped tattoo comes to fruition in real life.


Miley is, like, borderline obsessive about being the spawn of Kimye. I can't say I blame her, though. This is actually inspiring me to learn to Photoshop myself (except I would probably use my powers to 'shop toddler me onto Blue Ivy's body). Sorry North, Im'ma let you finish, but Blue Ivy totally has the best toddler life of all time.

Miley as North West, Part III

As amusing as this is for me, I can't help but wonder if this is actually Miley's cry for help. This obsession with being baby North sounds like someone is trying to work through some daddy issues. Apparently Billy Ray just didn't provide baby Miley with everything she needed. This must be Miley's way of coping with her former nursery's lack of a $3,950 Lucite crib.

When Miley, Stella Maxwell, and Cheyne Thomas Gave You Some #FitnessGoals

You guys don't remember when this trio took the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show stage by storm either? Maybe I took my VS Fashion Show drinking game too far...

That Time Baby Miley Cooed Viva Las Vegas

Real talk though, I'm not even sure what this one is. I think it's baby Miley's face Photoshopped onto her adult, Vegas-going body? I don't know what kind weird ass stuff Miley is doing in Vegas that necessitates this photo to describe her night but I guess, like we often do with her, we can just write it off as another moment in which she's just being Miley aka utterly incomprehensible.

Miley & Friends Take on Vegas, Look Like Bratz Dolls

In this one, Miley and co. demonstrate a classic case of Photoshopped-head-is-too-big-for-body, giving them an epic case of Bratz doll syndrome.

I have studied life drawing and, as a general rule of thumb, human body proportions work out so that your body is roughly the same length as if you stacked your head on top of itself seven times. The head to body length ratio of this Insta would probably be more like 4 giant heads stacked on top of one another. Step up your game, Miley Photoshop gurus!

Miley's Wisdom Teeth Checkup

Miley's about to get berated for not flossing.

Miley Goes Lumbersexy

She doesn't not pull off the beard though...

Miley Cozies Up to Gigi Hadid

They weirdly make a good couple... I would totally support this if Cody Simpson goes by the wayside.

Miley Is Totally Bugging

Miley, Zoë Kravitz, and Stella Maxwell take on high school in Beverly Hills. This Miley-as-Cher thing is a total Monet.

Further Evidence for My Daddy Issues Theory

Miley + dad take the town.

More Family Bonding

Miley can't even with Kim in this pic.


We all remember the infamous Mylie Jenner incident. This one never gets old.

Miley's Melons

Just when you think her posts can't get any weirder...

Miley Shows Off Her Masculine Jawline

Instead of giving anyone a straight answer about her relationship status with Patrick Schwarzenegger after his Spring Break scandal, Miley gives us this. Thanks, Miley.

Toddler Miley Balls Hard With Mike Will Made It

If Miley's Photoshopped baby pics are any indication, she has a serious case of Peter Pan syndrome. Someone is clearly yearning for the blissful innocence of youth again.

Gigi + Miley = <3

Miley is really giving me no choice but to start shipping these two.

Being Blonde Is a Full Time Job!

Miley knows the trials and tribulations of going platinum and she's there to help Kim with her new full time job.

Super Miley

I would totally watch Miley as Wonder Woman in the next Avengers movie.

Miley Takes the Term 'Food Baby' to a New Level

This is exactly how I felt all last week with all that half-priced March Madness Dominos. The struggle is real.

Images: mileycyrus, kimkardashian/Instagram; jacobbromeoedu/Blogspot