How To Fake A Thigh Gap

We'd like to officially thank Upworthy for unearthing all sorts of Internet brilliantness that we otherwise may never have the pleasure of viewing. The latest piece of hidden treasure they've aided us in stumbling upon? This "How to Fake a Thigh Gap" video created by our new favorite person on YouTube, a woman named Taylor who goes by the handle Tadelesmith. Her catalogue includes "Feminist Makeup Tutorial" (opening line: "Ever wanted to singlehandedly dismantle the patriarchy? This fresh yet powerful look will give you the upper hand in defeating your male enemies."), "How to Go On a Date" ("The funniest part about this is, y'all assume that I've been on a date before.") and something called "Harlem Shake: Blogger Edition" that I plan to watch on repeat in just a sec.

Don't worry, "How to Fake a Thigh Gap" isn't a primer on standing with your knees all bow-legged, butt thrust back, and torso leaned forward (though we at the Bustle offices strongly suspect that is the secret to this much-desired and totally arbitrary marker of physical perfection). No, Taylor suggests taking on the stance of Captain Morgan or perhaps a velociraptor to ensure that your thighs don't touch like nature intended them to. Check her out and join our fan club.