7 Reasons Fall Sex Is Best

As the days grow shorter and jokes about pumpkin spiced lattes and other autumnal cliches begin to rear their heads, getting it on becomes a lot less sweaty and a bit more sultry. Even those who enjoy a good swampy summer session now and then can't deny that fall sex is an entirely different animal — the sights and sounds of the season can arouse even the staunchest supporters of warm weather sex to give in to its seductive clutches.

Part of the reason that fall holds so much sensual promise might be because we associate it with new relationships, too. From that scene in When Harry Met Sally when Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan walk beneath a canopy of colored leaves in Central Park to any classic "back to school" romance set at the turn of the season, the "Fall Boyfriend" was clearly a thing long before Craigslist turned it into a scathing (and hilarious) critique of normcore white girls everywhere.

So whether you're entering into a new relationship or looking for some one off autumn action, your seasonal sexing is about to get a major boost. Here are seven reasons why fall sex gives spring, summer and winter sex a run for their money:

1. Leather Weather

When the breeze picks up and makes you reach for an animal hide (faux or no), you're suddenly gifted a second skin that acts as the ultimate aphrodisiac.

2. There's More Clothes To Take Off

Even if you're the type that likes to dress in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination in the summertime, come fall, all those layers are a great excuse for an impromptu striptease...

3. Testosterone Levels Rise With Cooler Weather

Studies have shown that testosterone levels peak around October and November — which puts both men and women into sexual overdrive —so whether you like it or not, your body will crave fall sex.

4. Fall ActivitiesPut You In The Mood

You can't deny that picking juicy red apples or cuddling up for warmth as you take in picturesque fall scenery in the countryside is the perfect precursor for a roll in the hay. And for the city folk, even the smell of sweet and pungent seasonal spices that waft through every Starbucks and Bath & Body Works is just enough to put you in the fall fantasy mood.

5. Warm Drinks Inspire Warm Feelings

Apparently, holding a warm beverage inspires people to feel warm feelings towards others, so it would stand to reason that the hotter your seasonal pumpkin latte is, the hotter you'll feel for whomever's coming your way.

6. Getting Scared Out Of Your Mind Is Good Foreplay

Horror movies and haunted houses are part and parcel of fall's charm, and when you're already pumped full of adrenaline, you're perfectly primed for an erotic release...

7. Watching Nature Wither And Die Can Inspire You To Indulge

Sorry to get all existential on ya, but watching the leaves turn and fall to the ground is the ultimate reminder of how transient life is. With that timeline in mind, there's no time like the present to squeeze every drop of pleasure you can out of life. After all, winter is coming, and you should be too.

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