The Summer Sex Bucket List You Totally Need

by Laken Howard

Summer is fast approaching — a time to relax, pretend you have no responsibilities and, of course, have some steaming hot summer sex. What's the point of enduring the grueling heat of summer if you aren't going to strip down with the girl or guy of your choosing and work up the good kind of sweat? I doubt there's a more productive way to spend all that leisure time (or, if you have a Big Person Job, procrastination time) than by expanding your sexual portfolio and orgasming your way through the season.

Sure, you could always pick up a great summer read or teach yourself an old lady hobby, but there's no rule that says you can't do those things and also give your inner sexual deviant some exercise. Summer is filled with ample opportunity for getting frisky — between holidays, pool parties, and frolicking outdoors, you're bound to find time to experiment between the sheets with bae.

Whether you're in a relationship or flying solo for the season, there will hopefully be no shortage of sexcapades to accompany your much-deserved relaxation. If you need some seasonal inspiration, consider crossing some of these #SummerSexGoals off your bucket list and make 2015 your hottest summer yet.

1. Memorial Day Sex

This holiday has some of the low-key best parties of the season. Why? Because it's the perfect excuse for a darty (day party, for those unenlightened ones). If you're fortunate enough not to be dragged to a family reunion (not exactly the best locale for this list), hit up a friend's darty, then go home and have some memorable mid-afternoon sex with your partner — and try taking some sexy pictures or videos to memorialize the event.

2. Picnic Sex

What's the one and only thing better than eating a basket full of food? Eating a basket full of food and then having sex on a blanket afterwards. Just don't get caught, obvs.

3. Water Sex

Pool, lake, beach, creek, an abnormally large puddle — I don't care what it is, as long as it's wet. Just, err, beware of yeast infections and double check your protection method. Optional: Initiate this your wet romp with some playful skinny dipping, because it's fun to pretend you're a teen at summer camp every once in a while.

4. Summer Solstice Sex

How many times can you have sex during the longest day of the year? That's one question that you may not technically need the answer to, but I bet now you're awfully curious. Sorry not sorry I gave you this brilliant idea for an experiment (or competition, if you tell your friends about it).

5. Hiking Sex

Even if you're not usually the outdoorsy type, make an exception to go for a romantic hike with your partner at least once this summer. The end goal: Find a beautiful, secluded area, then get naked. What's the most underrated part about nature? It's devoid of humans, so you can be as loud as you want (so long as you don't attract any bears or anything).

6. Independence Day Sex

Most people get hype for July 4th because it's a time for partying as well as romance under the fireworks with that special guy or gal. But don't forget that it's called independence day — have an all-day masturbation session instead. Why? You deserve it and don't need a partner to feel satisfied. The Founding Fathers would almost definitely agree.

7. Popsicle Sex

You've no doubt heard about the hype surrounding getting frosty during foreplay, and summer is the perfect season to test these kinky ideas out. What better way to really tingle the senses than to hold a cold, dripping Bomb Pop against your nipples/genitalia/et al.? Plus it's way cheaper than air conditioning.

8. Rooftop Sex

You may not have access to the roof of your own place, but if you have to sneak onto one, so be it. Especially at night, there's no comparing the feeling you get while having sex A) outside and B) looking out at a beautiful land/cityscape. The air is finally warm, so get out of your stuffy bedroom and onto a roof for some serious summer-inspired sex.

9. Labor Day Sex

Unfortunately, Labor Day means summer is drawing to a close. Even if you look back and realize your summer has been less sex-filled than you'd planned, Labor Day gives you one last chance to make up for all those lost orgasms. You might have the day off, but that doesn't mean your vagina has to.

Images: Leo Hidalgo/Flickr; Giphy (9)