Selena Gomez Might Be In 'Neighbors 2', But What Role Is She Playing?

Well, this is sneaky. Word on the street is that Selena Gomez might have joined Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising without even telling us that she joined Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. I mean, if Gomez had joined my cast, then I would be shouting that news from the rooftops. Especially since that's two former Disney stars now counted among the number of the cast of the raunchy frat film franchise. We already knew that Chloe Moretz had joined Neighbors 2 , to add even more female characters to Rose Byrne, Seth Rogen, Dave Franco, and former Disney heartthrob Zac Efron's adventures, but Gomez is a total surprise whose role is only a speculation based on the fact that she was spotted on the film set. Sure, she could just be there to visit someone... or she could have a surprise role in the film that they're not telling us about.

In the photos that were taken on the set, Gomez is wearing a gorgeous pink dress and leaning against a car, laughing and smiling and surrounded by other girls in white dresses and flower crowns. From the appearance of the girls behind her alone, I assume that Gomez is filming some sort of wedding scene — is Pete Regazolli getting married? — and that she is either a guest or a performer at said wedding. I mean, seriously, look at her.

Since we have little to no details about the sequel to the mind-crunchingly popular comedy film, I'll have to draw my own conclusions about what I'm looking at here. Although we have no confirmation as to whose wedding this is — but, seriously, if anyone out of that cast was responsible enough to be getting married, it would be Pete — I believe very firmly from the outfits alone that this is a wedding scene. Thus, Gomez might be making a cameo appearance as the performer at said wedding, because, again, if Pete was going to get married, then I firmly believe that Teddy would pull out all the stops to make that wedding amazing.

Another option is that Gomez is a member of the sorority of the Sorority Rising part of the title. Wearing white is also common on initiation days for sororities, and, I mean, if Ariana Grande can make her return to both TV and acting as a sorority member in Scream Queens, then why can't Gomez do the same on the big screen? She would even have the advantage of her character not being brutally murdered in her sorority-based work! Plus, Gomez is well used to fitting movie filming in around her production on her albums, so there's a good chance that her role might be more involved and less of a cameo — which is amazing news, because we all need more Gomez in our lives.

A third and final option, based on the shots of her in front of a sorority house, and if it is indeed initiation day, could be that she is the love interest of either Pete or Teddy (though hopefully not both — that fight in the first film was bad enough). In Pete's case, he's probably gearing up to marry her, because, come on. Responsible adult over there. In Teddy's case, she might be helping to keep him on the right and responsible track no matter what is actually happening in the plot of Neighbors 2. Personally, I'm hoping that Teddy is her beau, because nothing says Disney reunion like having the two former Disney stars in the film date each other on my screen.

Whatever Gomez's role in the film is, it's a nice surprise for her fans to see her on the movie set, and speculating about why she's there and what her role is will keep us talking about this movie long before they even drop a trailer. And isn't that kind of the whole point?