Will Steve Get Blood On His Hands On 'BB17'?

Is it just me, or was that the most boring double eviction ever? Nothing outrageous or unpredictable happened, unlike the first Big Brother double eviction, and now the alliance formerly known as the Sixth Sense has successfully evicted every single member of the alliance formerly known as the After Dark Crew (even the later members, except Johnny Mac). But who won Head of Household on Big Brother this week? And is this an indication that this season is about to get more or less boring? The answer to the first question is everyone's favorite awkward sweetheart Steve Moses. The answer to the second question really depends on what Steve's next move is going to be.

As we all know, Steve is in a Final 2 deal with Johnny Mac, and both boys are working with Vanessa to get to Final 3. That means that the goal is to break up Austwins as quickly and as viciously as possible, because it's incredibly obvious to one and all that Julia is loyal to Liz, Liz is loyal to Julia and Austin, and Austin is loyal to himself and Liz. Either way, everyone else falls very low on the totem pole in that alliance. Plus, just on a personal level, I really want to stop having to watch Liz and Austin hook up all over the house, and would really love it if they moved that to Jury House where I didn't have to see Austin cheat on his girlfriend without having formally broken up with her.

But what would be the smartest way to break up Austwins and still assure that he and Johnny Mac make it to Final 2?

His first option would be to nominate Liz and Julia, and then, if the nominations weren't kept the same, to backdoor Austin against whichever twin remains on the block. (In likelihood, the twin to remain would be Julia, as Liz is stronger at competitions, and Austin would play to get her off the block instead of Julia.) That move would take Austin out in the same week that he gets nominated for the first time — I mean, without Meg in the house, Julia is the new Meg — and it would make the twins an easy and obvious target for everyone in the next week since Liz is no longer splitting her loyalties. If, for some reason, Julia won the Veto and got pulled off the block, then backdooring Austin to have him and Liz on the block together would send home half of that toxic showmance and totally eviscerate Austwins. This, in my opinion, would be the smartest move for Steve's game.

His second option would be to nominate Liz and Austin, and then, if the nominations weren't kept the same, to backdoor Julia against whoever remains on the block. I think it's about time we find out exactly who is Liz's higher priority in this game just based on how she votes in the case of a backdoor situation, and sending Liz home would render Austin and Julia basically unable to work together. (She hates him.) Sending Austin home would, again, put a huge target on the twins' back going into next week. See again how that would be a great move for Steve's game. However, this strategy has the potential to majorly backfire if Liz goes home over Austin or Julia, because both of them would be gunning for Steve over it.

Finally, Steve could nominate Julia and Austin, and then, if the nominations weren't kept the same, backdoor Liz. Julia has already gone around promising to not change his nominees as long as he keeps her off the block, but Steve is too smart to believe that. This would be a good strategy for the sheer fact that, if Liz wins the Power of Veto, whoever she chooses to leave on the block in that situation would have their trust in her destroyed if they ended up not going home. This is finally the week where Steve can make some big moves, and he and Johnny Mac have already discussed putting Liz and Austin up on the block, so I'm excited to see how Steve's HoH run goes when he has longer than five minutes to make a decision.

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