Hipster Barbie Instagram Is Living Her Best Life

Scrolling down Instagram is its own special form of masochism in this age where everybody's life is 80 percent better looking than yours. But now there's a fresh new way to torture yourself with the hipster Barbie Instagram "Socality," aka the account that has basically transcended all your Pinterest nightmares. I'm not even looking at it right now and I am actively wallowing in its shade, feeling like an inadequate human. It is magnificent. It is hipstery. It is your worst most beautiful nightmare.

It used to be that Barbie was your #LifeGoal in that she managed to go to space, or become a doctor, or race as a Nascar driver. But now she is your #LifeGoal for a much more emotionally crippling reason, because she has achieved the Instagram nirvana that we plebes can only dream of. She poses nonchalantly in exotic locations, wears velvety fedoras, slays in her hipster glasses, and chooses such on point filters that I'm scared to even touch mine ever again. I AM NOT WORTHY, BARBIE. And through it all she offers ~words of wisdom~ to those of us who will never have a prayer of living her uber earth-tastic lifestyle. Take a look at what Barbie is up to in 2015, and weep:

Combing The Surf For Beautiful Seashells

Hold the conch to your ear. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of the ocean and people tapping Valencia filters.

Catching Up On The Daily Scoop

Barbie is singlehandedly bringing print back from the dead. Her favorite section is this cute little Arts column in the back of the Lifestyle section, you've probably never heard of it though.

Dangling Precariously From Beautiful Ledges

What doesn't kill you makes your Instagram chicer.

Attending Her Friend's Hipster Art Show

Steve's authentic gin tonic air experience just blew Janet's photo series on life with an iPhone 4 out of the park.

Chilling On Train Tracks

So what if it's illegal? Laws are just a construct. The beauty of this moment is forever.

For more of her delightfully soul-crushing Instagrams, follow Socalitybarbie here.

Images: socalitybarbie/Instagram