Rebecca Minkoff's Virtual Reality Headset Lets You Enjoy Her Runway Show Just Like An A-Lister

If sitting front row at a runway show is on your fashion bucket list, then get excited. You can watch Rebecca Minkoff's next runway show via virtual reality headset from the comfort of your own couch. That's right, you can now get in on the fashionable action with one click of your iPhone. Minkoff filmed her Fall 2015 runway show in virtual reality to give her fans a personal fashion experience and open up her otherwise exclusive runway show to the public. With a simple cardboard headset that costs just $24.99, you can relive her runway show over and over again. Just quickly assemble the headset, pop in your iPhone or Android phone, download the show, and kick back and relax.

"We’re the first fashion brand to democratize access to VR by making it available to our audience at home, or anyone who has a Google Cardboard headset," Rebecca Minkoff CEO Uri Minkoff told Racked. "The great thing about our platform is that it doesn’t require a super-expensive computer. For $20, you can put your phone into a cardboard headset and be transported to the front row at our fashion row."

It's not a two-dimensional experience either. Using the device, you can move your head to the left or right and get a different perspective, seeing everything from the photographers to the people sitting in the audience. The VR experience puts you right right in the middle of the action.

Minkoff's headset is currently sold out, but according to her website that there will be another batch out in the future. There aren't any reviews on it yet since they show hasn't happened, but if it's anything like the headphones she designed for the brand Friends, it's sure to be a hit.

This isn't the first time that Minkoff has played around with blending technology and fashion. According to Racked, the designer partnered with eBay on technology for her SoHo store. She has also designed accessories for Apple products.

Although no other designers have dabbled in virtual reality yet, many have used developing technology to make their runway shows more accessible to the public. From live-streams to public seating, it's now more possible than ever for fans to get in on the action during fashion week.

1. Burberry's Live Stream

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For their Autumn/Winter 2015 show, Burberry partnered with LINE, a Japanese tech company, to livestream the runway. People who downloaded the app could watch and participate in a live-chat with their friends during the show.

2. Givenchy's Public Seating

Givenchy has opened up seating to the public for their Spring/Summer 2016 runway show. The first 410 guests to fill out the form on their website will be granted seating along with a plus one.

3. Stella McCartney's Snapchat Video

Snapchat gives viewers a quick sneak peek at life from a designer's eyes. From watching the models get ready to showing behind-the-scenes glimpses of Kanye and her father, Paul, McCartney documented preparations for her presentation on Snapchat for her fans to see.

4. Lauren Conrad On Periscope

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Periscope let's you live-record and re-watch videos for 24 hours. Conrad will be live-streaming her runway pre-show on the app to get her fans ready for the big night.

5. Live-Streaming With New York Fashion Week Live

New York Fashion Week Live lets you stream all your favorite runway shows live.

Enjoying fashion week has never been so easy!

Images: Rebecca Minkoff (2)