13 Beyonce GIFs That Will Shut Down Fall Haters Real Quick

It's taken me some time, but I have finally come to appreciate the gift that is autumn. Without the whole school thing in the way anymore, summer just seems... excessive. It's like fall's frat boy cousin, who is still clinging to his carefree youth. You know, that one dude who hasn't gotten over college despite graduating over two years ago? Now, there are people who tell me I'm crazy for loving fall and I only have four words for them: Talk to the Beyoncé. Why? Because Beyonc é can shut the haters down better and faster than I ever could.

I don't get the people who are still perpetuating the fall hate, anyway. Sure, it's taken me some time to see the light, but I have and fall is just so much better and cooler and more exciting than any other season. From here on out, I am in the business of getting others to see the see this as well. I have made it my own personal goal to be an autumn missionary through the ever present and all knowing powers of Queen Bey. I can wax poetic all I want, but no one can articulate a feeling better than Bey herself.

Here are 13 GIFs that will help you shut down any and all fall haters.

1. When They Ask You What's *One* Thing Fall Has Over Summer

And you give them a long, detailed list. Take a seat. This is going to take a while.

2. When You Have To Spell It Out For The Haters That Fall = Less Humidity

Aka a more consistent streak of amazing hair days.

3. When You Have To Physically Prove Fall's Superiority

No more boob sweat. No more problems.

4. When Someone Tells You You're Going To Lose Your Tan

But, you know you're going to look #flawless anyway.

5. When You Overhear Sullen High School Kids Lamenting Over "Back To School" Signs

As you float away on a cloud of selfish, school-less bliss.

6. When Your Friend Grumbles, Shivers, And Insists You Go Inside After The First Real Wind Chill Of The Season

But your arms are spread wide like Rose on the Titanic.

7. When You Hear Someone Complaining That The Store Already Switched Over To Fall Attire

But, you just breathe a cool sigh of relief. Sleeves are where it's at, man.

8. When People Try To Call You Out On Your New Found Fall Love

You accept yourself, why can't they?

9. When People Say That They Don't Really Like Halloween

Give them what they deserve.

10. When You're In A Pro-Fall Argument And Someone Points Out That It's No Longer Iced Coffee Season

OK. That's true. You'll give them that one.

11. When You Can't Hear Any Of The BS Over The Comfort Of Your Oversized, Knitted Sweater

What's that? Sorry, my upper body is being cradled in a wool embrace.

12. When You're Educating Those Who Are Ignorant On The Benefits Of Autumn

And, most importantly, apple cider donuts.

13. When You Finally Succeed In Getting Your Friends Excited For Summer's End And They Plan An Apple Picking Trip

An activity both fun and delicious.

So thank Bey, because now you'll never be alone in defending your fave season against the haters ever again. *Cuddles in blanket, sips on tea, plays "Bow Down," winks*

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