Watch These Little Girls Give Men Texting Advice & School Them About Tinder — VIDEO

Breaking news: Dating is hard, guys. But thanks to these little girls who gave men texting advice, it might have just become a little bit easier to navigate. In a burst of hilarious genius, Cosmopolitan had three little girls school a bunch of dudes on what was and wasn't appropriate to send to their crushes, and their text game is too strong for this world. Like, if you get an unusually on point message from some guy on Tinder after this, you can safely assume that it came from a guy who was under the very careful guidance of these elementary schoolers.

If anything, this gives me some moderate faith in Gen Z. Like, yeah, for sure our generation has destroyed dating, and by the time Gen Z matures enough to seriously date they will be left to cope with the emotionally apocalyptic disaster zone that we left behind, but seeing this makes me think they're going to be OK. Even this young in their lives they seem more adept to handle what dating apps are about to throw at them in 15 years, and power to them, because by then we'll probably all be dating with our cyborg representatives anyway. (Mine will be named Taylor Swift, for no particular reason, it's just a totally random name I came up with off the top of my head.)

In any case, men of the world, if you are looking for advice on proper Tinder etiquette, look no further than the advice from these little girls:

Give Them An Appropriate Compliment


Notice that they didn't tell them to text "sup" or "nice prof pic".

Tell Them A Witty Joke


DUCK SANDWICH, is who. (If they don't get the joke, they're obviously not worthy of dating in the first place — #ByeFelicia.)

Be Honest


... OK. Maybe not that honest.

Here's the full jamboree of advice below: on YouTube

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