6 Things You Didn't Know About The "Hot Doctor"

Earlier this week, the internet was #blessed when Dr. Mike's Instagram account went viral and let every office worker relive their Grey's Anatomy fantasies during their 30 minute lunch break. But who is Dr. Mike of the hot doctor Instagram? The second year medical resident took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Bustle earlier this week, and spoiler alert: he is every bit as ridiculously nice as he looks in his pictures. He works in both New York and Miami, and graduated from the New York Institute Of Technology's College Of Osteopathic Medicine from their seven year program. Basically, he's been a boss at balancing work and life for years, so it's no wonder that he can also manage to keep up with the insane viral fame that hit him and his furry sidekick, husky dog Roxy, in the last week.

A lot of what the internet knows about Dr. Mike so far is limited to "his Instagram is both cheaper and more satisfying to stare at than Netflix," but there is actually a lot more going on behind the scenes. He's been using the virality of his social media accounts for charity work, health promotion, and to inspire people who are considering entering the medical field themselves. Here are all the things you might not have known about Dr. Mike from his Instagram alone:

1. He Is Incredibly Dedicated To Giving Back

Dr. Mike may be famous in the internet for being a hot doctor, but he is using that fame in all the best ways possible. He uses his social media pages to promote awareness of health issues, to encourage people to give back, and even to reach out to anyone who might have any questions about pursuing medicine as their career.

"Usually, there's that stigma that you have to give up your life to study medicine. I've kind of battled that stigma my whole life, showing that you can be a normal person, have a social life — you know, enjoy your hobbies while still becoming a doctor," he said to Bustle earlier in the week.

2. He Has A Hella Inspiring Twitter

I'll let you take a few minutes to tattoo these knowledge bombs all over your body before we proceed.

3. He's A Fashion Icon

Listen, I don't know jack about fashion, but my eyes are telling me that this there is some Serious Fashion going on here. He is not wearing these suits. Nay, the suits are lucky to be wearing him.

4. He Is Also A Fitness Buff, And Slays At Tennis

Look, if Mike can juggle work, his social life, and his budding Instagram fame while making time to hit the gym and compete in USTA tournaments, then so can you. (Or at the very least you can make time to look at him hitting the gym. That burns approximately the same amount of calories, right? Because of the sweat?)

5. His Dog Roxy Should Basically Your #LifeGoal

Have you ever seen a happier sidekick than Roxy? Dr. Mike shared with Bustle that he has had her since she was three months old. At five years old today, she slays Instagram, whether she's playing with his nephews, posing for selfies, or just being her fiercely adorable self.

6. He Is More Surprised By His Viral Fame Than Anyone

Imagine you were just living your life when all of a sudden your Instagram account blew up to a whopping 600,000 followers. I mean, imagine that you're also really hot, and a doctor, and have the world's most perfect dog. Have I lost everyone yet? (Fun fact, guys: he was on vacation when all of this happened. I think it's safe to say we collectively all made it a memorable one.)

"Honestly, it was me just having an Instagram just like everybody else, posting things I was doing, putting up pictures of my dog," he said to Bustle earlier this week. "I think that's the secret — they really follow me for my dog, not me."

Whatever the case, we all just hit the "Follow" button so fast our thumbs got whiplash. (Is there a doctor in the house?)

Images: doctor.mike/Instagram