Meet The Newest 'Game Of Thrones' Cast Member

by Maitri Suhas

We may be no closer to unraveling the mystery of Jon Snow's death, but at least we know we're going to find out a little bit more about Samwell Tarly. Freddie Stroma was recently cast on Game of Throne s as Samwell Tarly's brother, Dickon Tarly, for the upcoming sixth season. We don't yet know much about Dickon from the HBO series nor from George R.R. Martin's A Song Of Ice and Fire books, other than the sad fact that Sam's dad Lord Randyll Tarly basically told Sam he was choosing the more physically fit bro Dickon to be his heir, so Sam could either go to the Wall and take the black or disappear mysteriously in a hunting accident. Bleak. But what do we know about Freddie Stroma, the man behind the Dickon? His life must be brighter, right?

The 28-year-old's most recent hit is the first season of Lifetime's acclaimed dramedy series UnREAL, a dark, ultra-satirical show about the behind-the-scenes of a Bachelor-style reality show. Stroma plays the British suitor Adam, the prize to be won on a horrible, salacious TV-dating show called Everlasting. Talking to Access Hollywood about the part of the arrogant, vapid, but ultimately good-hearted playboy on UnREAL, Stroma said he didn't really model the character after anyone in particular: "I mostly just focused on him having an incredibly sort of rich family and loss of identity and constantly searching for individualism."

If you don't watch UnREAL, you might still recognize Stroma's beautiful British face. It's because he played Cormac McLaggen in the Harry Potter series, appearing in The Half-Blood Prince and both Deathly Hallows films. He was the cocky Gryffindor who was part of Horace Slughorn's Slug Club, the elite group of students that the professor collects. He was also the one who Hermoine performs the confundus charm on during her loverboy Ron's Quidditch team tryout.

Besides his turn as Cormac, Stroma also played a small part in Pitch Perfect as Luke, the handsome DJ at the college radio station who's kind of a jerk about a cappella.

And the actor seems like an interesting character is his own life, too. He attended university in London, getting a degree in neuroscience, a subject he told Newsweek he chose "just for interest's sake, because it's fascinating." Whatever you say, man.

It seems like the characters Stroma has played all have a lot in common: They are handsome jerks. The actor could probably bring a bit of that handsome jerkiness to the character of Dickon Tarly, so I can't wait to see his portrayal.

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