Who Are Former 'BB' Players Rooting For?

Who do you want to win Big Brother 17? After Thursday's double eviction, I'm not so sure anymore. Seriously, how did Johnny Mac and Steve not vote to evict Julia and break up the twins? In my opinion, that was one stupid move. Don't get me wrong, I love Johnny Mac and have been rooting for him, but sometimes I don't feel like he's making smart decisions. You know who else agrees with me? Former contestants. That's right, previous Big Brother houseguests are giving their honest opinions about this season. Not to mention, this past double eviction really angered them, too. With that said, who are former Big Brother houseguests rooting for on Season 17?

As individuals who've already played the game, these BB faces know a thing or two about the game. Too bad they can't chat with the current houseguests and give them some advice — ahem, Johnny Mac. Moving on. Let's get back to which Season 17 player appears to be a favorite among past seasons players. Also, let's talk about how some of these former houseguests really think the Austwins should be split up and evicted from the house. Duh! Who doesn't think that?

Anyways, here are a few tweets from past BB players, their thoughts, and who they hope takes home the $500,000.

Britney Haynes

The Big Brother 12 player is a huge fan of Johnny Mac. Plus, she thinks the Austwins need to go, especially Austin. Oh, and she seems totally frustrated with this season.

Derrick Levasseur

It seems the Big Brother 16 winner really likes James, but too bad he was evicted. Who's he rooting for? Well, he doesn't seem to be a fan of Vanessa. Not only does he agree with James that she's playing too hard, but he once called her "lethal," which could either be seen as good or as bad.

Janelle Pierzina

Janelle's played Big Brother on more than one occasion and is known for setting records in the game. As for her BB17 favorite? It looks like she's rooting for Vanessa.

Dan Gheesling

As the winner of Big Brother 10, Dan definitely knows how to win this game. Basically, he thinks the Austwins need to go and can't even bare to watch when they continue to win comps.

Daniele Donato

Daniele, who appeared on two seasons of Big Brother, definitely has some thoughts about BB17. Not only is she ready for Vanessa to go, but she can't help but say what everyone is thinking. Her sarcasm is so on point.

Evel Dick

Evel Dick made a name for himself on Big Brother and not just as Daniele Donato's father. Anyways, he's so not rooting for Johnny Mac.

Rachel Reilly

This Big Brother winner who married fellow contestant Brendon Villegas agrees with pretty much every former player and BB fan: Julia should've been evicted. Anyways, because the Austwins and Vanessa have been playing such a good game, she's now rooting for them.

There you have it. A lot of thoughts and feelings, especially after the most recent double eviction. As much as it pains me to say, the Austwins or Vanessa deserve to win.

Images: Monty Brinton/CBS