Which 'BB' Jury Members Aren't Voting for Vanessa?

It’s official: With five Big Brother houseguests now living in the Jury House, whoever they vote for in the finale could walk away with the $500,000 grand prize. But which houseguests do the jury members want to win? That remains to be seen. Thankfully, each jury member has at least named the houseguest that they definitely won’t be voting for in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter . Not that that guarantees anything about who will win the game, but it’s definitely better than not knowing where their allegiances lie. Because with a majority of houseguests already in the jury house, if the last five evicted houseguests can agree on who not to vote for, you can be sure that that houseguest won’t be walking away a winner.

But, of course, not all five of them agree on who shouldn’t be getting their vote if they make it to the final two. There are definitely some trends—apparently not a lot of people like Austin or Steve?—but other than that, their answers are as different as their game strategies.

So hang on to your hats, Big Brother fans. With the finale only three weeks away, who the current jury members won’t be voting for might just be the houseguests who definitely don’t win the game.


The first member of the jury knows one thing for sure: She’s not voting for Austin to win. Why? Because he hasn’t played the game with any real strategy. Can’t say I disagree with her there.


Jackie is apparently still undecided. And can you blame her? She was evicted so long ago that there was way too much up in the air to decide. She said that it was “too early in the game to tell” who she wouldn’t be voting for.


Another surprising answer from the third jury member, Becky said unequivocally that she will not be voting for Julia. She then went on to say some pretty choice things about how Julia was just there for the twist, not the game, and how, while Liz was playing the game hard, Julia was “in the back, painting her nails.” Daaaamn, Becky.


The two houseguests not getting Meg’s vote? Vanessa and Steve. ‘Cuz. You know why.


Even though James was openly gunning for Vanessa to get out of the game—and he confronted her about her questionable game play—he says the two people he doesn’t want to see in the final two are Steve and Austin.

Unfortunately there aren’t enough consistent answers to know who definitely won’t win the game just yet. But give it time. If nothing else, we’ll know in three weeks who won’t win the game when the season finale airs on CBS. Don’t miss it!

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Image: CBS (6)