9 Clever Uses For Your Leftover Champagne

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Celebrating the New Year is hard work. You have to dress fancy, stay awake until midnight (!), and drink as much bubbly wine as you can rationalize. If you should, however, find yourself asleep on the couch in sweatpants at 10 p.m., the final sips of your expensive bottle of champagne left neglected, we have good news for you. No longer will you have to writhe in leftover champagne regret — here we have a handful of great recipes that will make such instances of remorse a thing of the distant past. We have pink champagne cupcakes, mimosa donuts, and sparkling wine waffles, so whatever you do, don’t toss the bubbly. Keep reading for nine smart and tasty uses for your leftover champagne.

Image: Pixabay

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