What Your Favorite Beyonce Song Says About You

It's time to show off your most confident strut (I know you can work it, guys) and saunter over to the glorious world of Beyoncé's greatest hits. For over a decade, Queen Bey has graced us with some of the most addictive tracks of the millennium, not to mention the late '90s for all of us Destiny's Child fans out there. While there's no denying that the music icon is deft in delivering a catchy chorus and powerful vocals, Beyoncé is also a master of versatility. Themes of self-confidence and independence are a common thread in her biggest hits, but Jay Z's bae also uses her musical prowess to showcase several different facets of her personality (hi, Sasha Fierce). Ballads like "Halo" have allowed Beyoncé to teach listeners about the strength in vulnerability, while pulsing tracks of the "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" persuasion offer a swagger and fierceness that speaks to the singer's unparalleled badassery.

While all of Beyoncé's hits are amazing, many of us tend to have a favorite track that has a way of speaking to us in a way that no other can. For those of you wondering about the deeper meaning behind your selected favorite — I have great news! I am going to tell you exactly what your chosen track says about your personality. Granted, this is not based on any type of certifiable personality testing or scientific research (I'm a writer, not a doctor, guys), I am a longtime Beyoncé fan and have been told on several occasions (thanks, mom!) that I have great intuition. That should be enough for a good listicle, eh? Let's take a look.

1. "Crazy In Love"

Uh oh! It looks like you are a true romantic who wears your heart on your sleeve. When you fall, you fall hard — amiright?? Hey, me too! Although your openness can sometimes leave you more vulnerable to heartache (like when your crush can't reciprocate your feelings/understand your inimitable awesomeness), be proud of the fact that you take chances. Plus, I'm guessing you have the confidence — and strut — to dust yourself off when a romance doesn't pan out exactly how you envisioned it would.

2. "Irreplaceable"

You have a keen understanding of your self-worth and won't settle for anything less than amazing — especially when it comes to romantic relationships. A realist, you have the enviable ability to see through the games some people play in the world of modern dating, and want no part of it. If you aren't being treated appropriately in a relationship, a simple "SEE YA" will suffice before you're ready to get back out there.

3. "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"

Obviously, you know how to embrace the glorious aspects of the single life. You are probably someone who never balks from a romantic opportunity or connection, but you refuse to settle for any type of love that is less than cinematic — as you should. Much like those who choose "Irreplaceable" as their favorite song, you have a speedy rebound rate when it comes to breakups.

4. "Sweet Dreams"

You tend to have the most psychedelic dreams ever, which is possibly due to your consumption of chocolate — or whatever it is that is supposed to cause weird things to play out in your subconscious — before bedtime. I've been there!

5. "If I Were A Boy"

If this popular ballad is your favorite, you are likely the type of person everyone wants to be friends with. Your compassion and empathy is unmatched. The only drawback to this is that — when encountering someone with a decidedly less sensitive nature — you tend to feel hurt very deeply. Don't ever change, though, because a heart like yours is worth getting to know.

6. "Ring The Alarm"

Whoa...I would never want to get on your bad side.

7. "Halo"

In relationships — romantic and otherwise — you are able to let others know your appreciation for them both through your actions and words. Compromise and empathy are two things you hold in high regard when it comes to connecting with others.

8. "Naughty Girl"

When it comes to strutting your stuff, you know how to work it — as you should! The quintessential extrovert, you are always the first on the dance floor and in line for karaoke. And, yes, that outfit does look fantastic. Dayum!

9. "Best Thing I Never Had"

You understand — and embrace — the power of hindsight. Rather than regret a painful romantic experience, you use these times as opportunities for learning. Bravo!

10. "Drunk In Love"

If you see something you want, you go for it — especially when some liquid courage is involved. You also may be a big fan of Will Ferrell and Lip Sync Battles.

11. "***Flawless"

C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T — confident! You are self-assured and never shy from speaking your mind. Many are inspired by your ability to not sweat the small stuff, and you refuse to let any type of opposition shake your views. Rock on!

I hope this was informative. Regardless of which Beyoncé song is your favorite, there's no denying that you have great taste.

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