Melissa Rivers Marks the One-Year Anniversary of Joan Rivers' Death With a Touching Message Honoring Her Mother

It’s hard to believe any time has passed since Joan Rivers passed away, let alone an entire year. But Friday marked the one-year anniversary of the iconic comedian’s life being cut short. In honor of her mother’s life—and all of the people who have shown their love and support since she died—Melissa Rivers sent a message via her mother’s Twitter account about what the past year has been like for her without her mother (see below).

The mother and daughter duo were incredibly close throughout the years, turning their love for each other into many business ventures, including their reality series Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, In Bed with Joan, and Fashion Police. It’s hard to imagine anyone wrestling with the death of their mother, but considering that Joan Rivers was also Melissa’s best friend and partner on so many projects, the loss must be immeasurable.

So it’s no surprise that, in the message that she sent on Friday via Twitter, Melissa expressed how difficult the past year has been without her mother. In a touching message, Melissa expressed how difficult it’s been for both she and her son during their first year without Joan. She talked about all of the firsts that they had to have without her, such as holidays and birthdays. But in an act of selflessness, Melissa turned her message into one of thanks and appreciation for all of the people who have loved and supported her through this trying time. She also went out of her way in the message to thank all of the people who have loved her mother through the years, which, really, is enough to make any fan of Joan Rivers weep.

In the time since Joan Rivers’ death, Melissa Rivers has returned as co-host of Fashion Police , but not first without paying homage to her mother, the original and irreplaceable host of the show. In a new segment that the show debuted called “What Would Joan Say,” the co-hosts take a stab at what Joan would have said about the latest fashion news. It’s an amazing way to honor Joan and her unmatched wit and humor.

The lovely thing about all of this—the message Melissa posted, the new segment on Fashion Police—is that it’s clear that, even though Joan might be gone, she will certainly never be forgotten.