What Your Favorite Beyonce Album Says About You, Because Her Music Speaks To All Of Us

Over the course of her insanely prolific career, Beyonce has put out some amazing albums, both as a solo artist and with Destiny's Child. (You can even determine what your favorite Beyonce song says about you.) But when it comes to her albums, each has a unique sound and inspiration that affects fans differently. This leads us to the question: What does your favorite Beyonce album say about you?

First, we have to look at her impressive discography. From Destiny's Child's self-titled first album in 1998 to Beyonce's surprise release in 2013, there's no shortage of full-length projects from which to choose. Do you identify most with the iconic The Writing's on the Wall? What about the Grammy-winning I Am... Sasha Fierce? Of course, we can't overlook the game-changing Beyonce.

Second, we have to take a closer look at the albums themselves. Are they filled with Destiny's Child deepcuts? Do they reflect the duality of Beyonce's personality? Or maybe your album of choice simply earned the title because it has the privilege of containing your favorite of Queen Bey's songs. There's a Beyonce album that speaks to all of us — and here's what your favorite album says about you.

1. Destiny's Child

Love a good #TBT? Chances are this album is your favorite because these deepcuts are amazing.

2. The Writing's On The Wall

If this is your favorite album, you love an empowering anthem (or 16).

3. Survivor

Love Survivor? You're a strong, confident person who isn't afraid to fight for what she wants.

4. Dangerously In Love

Dangerously in Love is Beyonce's breakout solo effort, so if this is your album of choice, you're an ambitious goal-setter.

5. Destiny Fulfilled

If you value loyalty and friendship, it's no surprise that Destiny Fulfilled is your fave.

6. B'Day

Not afraid to declare your self-worth? Then cue up B'Day, because this album is definitely your favorite.

7. I Am... Sasha Fierce

If you ever feel like you have an alter ego (or just want to bring out your inner fierceness), then there's a good chance your album of choice is I Am... Sasha Fierce.

8. 4

Beyonce's 4 focuses on female empowerment and self-reflection. If this is your favorite, you're likely a bold person not afraid to speak her mind.

9. Beyoncé

Love the element of surprise? Then you love Beyonce's self-titled album, which is filled end-to-end with incredible songs.

No matter which Beyonce album is your favorite, it's always a good time to rock out to her music.

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