What Your Favorite 'Bachelor In Paradise' Character Says About You

Honestly, I never meant to become so invested in Bachelor In Paradise this summer. I'm most definitely not a fan of the The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, and yet the idea of throwing rejects from various seasons of both of those shows together on a Mexican beach and letting them have at it and try to "find love" together reeled me in from the very first episode. I'm not sure which element of the series I love most — the premature familiarity all the contestants have with one another, the clearly scripted exchanges, the ease with which they can all immediately cease feelings for one person and develop them for another within a single day... Bachelor In Paradise is brilliant. And while we have to assume that we're only seeing a small portion of the real personalities behind the "characters" on this reality TV show, there's still something about at least one of them that you relate to, right?

Generally, the lives of the men and women on the series are so far from my own that we literally have nothing in common, at least on surface level. Still, that hasn't stopped me from developing "favorites" from the group, and rooting for certain contestants over others because they clearly deserve to find love. To find out what your own favorite BiP character says about you, read on.

Ashley I.

You're likely an emotional wreck and it doesn't take much to set off the waterworks. You're obsessed with drama and need constant attention and positive reinforcement from everyone in your life. Despite your obsession with being in love, you likely never have been (though you're sure every guy who even says hello to you is the right one). You have so much going for you that make you a total catch, but you embrace your flaws so deeply at times that no one can see those positive attributes.


You're open to life's experiences, good and bad, and have a deep-seated curiosity about the world around you that leads you to explore everything in your path to the fullest extend. Unfortunately, you're so afraid of missing out on something that you find it hard to commit to one thing, lest a better option come around when you've already settled down. You're cautious in how you handle others because you're a really decent person and would never want to hurt anyone, but sometimes this keeps you from forming deep connections at all.


You've been through a lot in life — more than most people your age, probably — but despite how many times you've been knocked down, you continually get back up again and get yourself back out there, intent on not letting your hard times get the better of you. You've somehow managed to remain an optimist, and while this is admirable, your desperation to hang on to a good thing for once often blinds you to the reality of situations and can lead to making some bad decisions.

Tenley & Josh

You're pretty low key and laid back, preferring to go with the natural flow of things instead of forcing life's hand. While you're enthusiastic when it comes to meeting someone new and want to spend all your time getting to know them better, you're also smart enough to know that rushing into anything is never a good option. Your level-headed nature keeps you from making a fool of yourself but still makes you super attractive to others.


You're so used to getting your own way that any time things don't work out in your favor, you lash out at everyone around you. You don't take well to having your ego bruised, and can come off as rude and controlling to people in your life in your desperation to ensure they behave in the way you want them to. You can often be selfish and stuck up, but that's not your problem — it's everyone else's.


You like to keep your options open in life to the point that not only will you not commit to one person, but you purposely keep several of them on the go at once. In other words, having your cake and eating it too is the name of the game in your book. However, you're not exactly honest about your approach to relationships and have told more than your fair share of white lies not just to spare others' feelings, but to spare yourself the trouble of being told off.

Carly & Kirk

You have a great sense of humor and are attracted to those you can relate to in even the smallest of ways. You tend to fall for people with similar hobbies and interests as you, and you enjoy the beginning phases of getting to know someone new most of all. You're not someone who's into playing the field; once you find someone who demonstrates some stability, you're all in.

Jade & Tanner

You're all in when it comes to love, and nothing is more important to you than finding that special someone you connect with above all others. There's nothing you wouldn't sacrifice for someone you love, and you take to romance so well that you literally glow when you're in a relationship. You have your reservations about being hurt due to past experiences, but your feelings are too strong to hold you back.

Ashley S.

You're a bit eccentric, which can be off-putting to some guys, but that doesn't make you any less worthy of finding love. You have an inner beauty that radiates to everyone you encounter, and a childlike innocence that you bring with you to every encounter. Not everyone will understand you, but when it's meant to be, someone will.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC