What Your Favorite Justin Bieber Song Says About You

I feel like we're almost at that crucial impasse where it goes from being super lame to love Justin Bieber as a grown woman to being super cool to love him, because now he's a hipster and has serious musical street cred. We're nearly there, right? Certainly, with his most recent releases — his collaboration with Skrillex on "Where Are U Now" and his new single "What Do You Mean", to be specific — Bieber has certainly matured both personally and musically and is moving away from the whole thoughtless pop tracks (not that there's anything wrong with those!) and towards a more exploratory, musically rich catalogue. What I'm trying to say is, I think I really love Justin Bieber's music, guys.

To be fair, the now 21-year-old has been making tracks that are catchy as all get out since his 2010 debut album, My World 2.0. There were some serious jams on that album, but they were jams that Bieber didn't lend much to besides some adolescent vocals. That's not to diminish the fact that they were great pop songs, but comparing his first album, which was released when he was just 14, to the stuff he's putting out now is like night and day. Which you prefer depends on the kind of person you are, and if you're not sure what kind of person that is, you just need to look at your favorite Bieber track to discover the answer.

"What Do You Mean"

JustinBieberVEVO on YouTube

You're incredibly attracted to men who embrace personal growth and go the distance and do the work to improve themselves. You also have a taste for adventure and prefer taking chances to embracing the status quo. You believe that just because something works okay doesn't mean there isn't an even better option out there, and the thrill is in the journey to find out.

"Where Are U Now"

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You're someone who often gets lost in her own thoughts, and you enjoy meditating and exploring a higher consciousness. When you're not getting in touch with your spiritual side, you're actually a bit of a party animal and have been known to get black out drunk on more than one occasion. You love the freedom of giving yourself over entirely to a melody or rhythm.


JustinBieberVEVO on YouTube

The idea of keeping your dalliances secret is a serious turn on. You find yourself attracted to the illicit and forbidden, and believe that a romance that only you and your significant other know about is about as hot as it can get. You want to be desired nearly to the point of obsession, and promise those you get involved with the same in return.

"Never Say Never"

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You're a dreamer who believes that anything you can imagine can be accomplished. You're an eternal optimist and you value hard work and dedication to your goals. You don't accept no for an answer and won't allow anyone in your life to accept less than their personal best, either. You can be a bit intense sometimes and a bit flighty since you refuse to face the reality that sometimes things don't work out, but that's just because you truly don't believe failure is an option for you.


JustinBieberVEVO on YouTube

You've got a child-like approach when it comes to love, and you wouldn't change your naivete for the world. When you're involved with someone, you give them your all and expect the same in return. However, you also fear commitment and become easily bored, making it hard for your partners to pin you down or know where they are with you at any given time.

"Somebody To Love"

JustinBieberVEVO on YouTube

You're a hopeless romantic that lives for love, and this sometimes leads you to make bad decisions when it comes to partners. You've probably been planning your wedding since you were a little girl, and you dream of the day you finally meet "The One" and can settle down to a life of pure devotion. It's not that you don't have your own life and interests, it's just that you believe love is the most important thing in life, and you're intent on finding it.

"One Less Lonely Girl"

JustinBieberVEVO on YouTube

To you, there's nothing more important than creature comforts. You enjoy calm environments and don't like anything to mess up the careful routine you've created for your life over the years. Instead, you prefer to live a simple life surrounded by people and things that create that calm rather than stress, which ultimately makes you clam up and run away.

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