An Angelina Jolie Acting Video From 2000 Exists & Here's Every Thought You'll Have While Watching — VIDEO

No surprise: Angelina Jolie was totally badass in her 20s. In a video dredged up by The Daily Mail, a then-25-year-old Angelina Jolie is seen in a 2000 acting class absolutely kicking butt. She screams, cries, grits her teeth — there's a mirage of different emotions on display. It's not surprising that Jolie won an Oscar for her supporting role in Girl, Interrupted shortly after this video was filmed; as it shows, her younger self was both extremely talented and extremely terrifying. When she sneers, "I want to hurt you," I felt it. I was genuinely scarred.

Like, sometimes I forget that before she was the mother of six and a humanitarian, she wore vials of people's blood around her neck and was married to Billy Bob Thornton. This video makes it hard to forget Jolie's darker side, though, and you won't get it out of your head anytime soon; Angelina's latest project with hubby Brad Pitt seems to feature the crazy, dangerous Jolie of the video. And if the acting class clip is any indication, she's going to be amazing in it.

If you're anything like me, you will have a flood of thoughts run through your head as you watch the video, like:

1. Is she not wearing makeup in this video?

2. I wonder what kind of skin cream she uses.

3. She looks gorg.

4. 2015 Angelina Jolie still looks gorg.

5. Proper skincare really does begin in your early 20s.


6. Are all acting classes held in a church basement?

7. When she smiles and says she wants to hurt me, I feel strange.

8. I hope she doesn't talk to Shiloh like this.

9. I'd like to know where her scene partner got that halter top.

10. I think it's from Topshop.


11. Why does she keep smiling?

12. She is saying she is fine but she is clearly not fine.

13. No, Angelina, I don't want to be fine like you. Stop saying that!

14. Why don't people perform things like Hamlet anymore?

15. That's a normal play.


16. People in high school perform it.

17. I've never read it.

18. I should read Hamlet.

19. I wonder where my Kindle is so I can read Hamlet.

20. Oh my god, I got lost in a train of thought for a moment — why is that girl crying?


21. Is this is a scene from Girl, Interrupted?

22. This feels like a scene that would be in Girl, Interrupted.

23. The cameraman is all about working those angles.

24. Do you get paid to film acting classes? Is that like a profession?

25. I don't think I'd be good at that.


26. Oh, the scene partner is standing up.

27. Angeline Jolie is crying.

28. There is a lot of emotion happening right now.

29. Change of scene — thank goodness.

30. What kind of accent is that?


31. I think the scene partner is trying to sound French.

32. No, definitely not French.

33. Southern? Maybe?

34. Angelina Jolie doesn't have an accent in this scene.

35. One person is better than the other in this video.


36. Spoiler Alert: It's Angelina Jolie.

37. A man enters the scene.

38. Wait... is this a porno?

39. "I just let myself in."

40. Well this video has taken a strange turn.


41. Even worse — does that man have a sweatshirt tied around his waist?

42. Did the video just end?

43. It ends like the series finale of the Sopranos!

44. Ugh, video over.

45. I should probably go look for my Kindle.

Check out the video for yourself, and see why crazy, sexy-cool Jolie is pretty much the best.

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