How Much Does Eros Cost To Buy? The 'Below Deck' Yacht Is Only Available If You Have Serious Cash

When embarking on a marathon of Below Deck, it's common to wonder about what it's like to have enough cash to spend on a fancy yacht trip. While a week or two-long charter is nice and all, what about getting to take yacht trips whenever you want? Just how much does it cost to buy Eros? Well, in its non-Below Deck form, the Eros actually goes by the name "Mustang Sally," and thanks to its many upgrades, improvements, and new reality TV fame, Yacht Charter World reports that it was recently sold for $17.9 million.

Obviously, there are not many people who can afford to spend that much for a mode of transportation that is essentially meant for vacation. But if by some crazy chance you did have $18 million lying around, I think throwing down for Eros is well worth the price. Seriously, if you're in the market for a way to spend your money, think of all the perks that come with owning a huge boat like Eros. First and foremost, you could live every day like it was an episode of Below Deck. But even if that's not enough, there are plenty of other reasons why owning the Eros would be a dream come true.

Unlimited Alcohol

I'm sure I've brought this up every single time I've written about Below Deck, but there's something about being on the ocean that just makes day drinking even more desirable. Is it the fresh sea breeze? Or just the fact that there's plenty of people to serve it to you who aren't allowed to judge? I'm not sure, but I can't think about Below Deck without thinking about mimosas. The only downside? You'd have to re-stock the bar pretty often.

Take As Many Charters As You Want

Hey, the more time you spend out on the seas, the more the yacht pays for itself. With each week-long charter valued at over $200,000, that means that you only need to go out on Eros (Mustang Sally) for eight to nine and a half weeks to pay off the $18 million you spent. That's a bargain!

You Can Switch Bedrooms Every Night For Over A Week

With 11 different bunks for the guests, if you choose to ride solo instead of bringing a crew of your closest friends on board, you can enjoy the varied accommodations for a week and a half. A new bed every night, with a crew (of up to 10 people) to make the previous night's for you.

You Can Enjoy Having A Staff At Your Beck & Call

If you want to max out the crew, you can bring up to ten people on board. And if you bring all of them, it will feel like being the upper class side of an upstairs-downstairs British drama. Just be warned that your crew is going to need payment — and they're going to want to be treated well if they'll be making all of your beds each night.

You Can Ask For Whatever You Want

In regular life, there's no one who will listen to your pleas for a foam party or watch you jetski or set up a huge inflatable slide for you. Actually, on second thought, if you just dropped $18 million on a yacht, you can probably get anyone to do anything you want, but there's something special about seeing it happen on a boat.

Take To The Seas & Become The World's Fanciest Pirate

I've always been drawn to the lifestyle of a pirate, but wish that it was possible to be a marauder who also showered regularly. If you buy the Eros, you can both sail the high seas with command of your crew (well, technically, the captain will have command of the crew, but you get the idea) and bathe. Buying the yacht from Below Deck may be out of reach for just about everyone, but if it's something you can afford, it certainly seems like a fun, if not practical, purchase.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Giphy (6)