9 Taylor Swift Songs That Will Cleanse You After A Breakup

Breakups, man. I’m not going to sugarcoat it: They totally suck. Whether you were blindsided by the relationship, knew it was a long-time coming, or were actually the one who initiated it, the devastation remains. Of course, breakup anthem savant Taylor Swift knows this conundrum well. If you were at all skeptical of her failed relationship catharsis abilities before 1989 came out, I hope that the gift of a song that was “Clean” cleared up any doubts.

“Clean” is the pinnacle of breakup songs not just because it’s both lyrically and melodically on point, but because it encompasses the entirety of the post-relationship mourning process from beginning to end. The best part? It gives us all hope that once we go through the tidal wave of emotions, bouts of withdrawals, and seemingly endless retrospection, we, too, can emerge unblemished by our failed relationships. It’s a song about moving on, but knowing that it’s a real dragged-out fight (usually, an internal one), to get to that point. Basically, T. Swift signs us up for our reluctant emotional roller coaster, straps us in, and sends off. Then she buys us an ice cream cone once it's all over when we tell her it wasn't that bad after all.

In honor of Swift and her prolific ability to write honestly about heartbreak, here are nine of her songs that will help cleanse you after a breakup:

1. "You're Not Sorry"

This song is the perfect balance of anger, regret, and melancholy. It's like a pint of Ben & Jerry's in song form.

2. "White Horse"

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

This song is sad. Being sad is OK. Get on with your sad self.

3. "Dear John"

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We are all allowed a little room to wallow. To rehash situations, to be confused, pissed off, upset, or just plain hurt. And we're also allowed to be thankful we got out of that damn mess. And maybe we're allowed to let that person know how thankful we are about it.

4. "Breathe"

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This isn't just a song title. It's a command by Taylor. And so we must listen to and obey our breakup Zen master.

5. "All Too Well"

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Sometimes coming to terms with the fact that not all feelings and issues get resolved is the resolution.

6. "I Almost Do"

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You know the line in "Clean" that states, "Just because your clean, don't mean you don't miss it"? Yeah. This is that.

7. "Begin Again"

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Need I explain this one? I think it's wonderfully self-explanatory.

8. "Tim McGraw"

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If you can look back at your relationship with fondness rather resentment, regardless of how it ended, then you, my friend, are nearly done getting all that damn conditioner out of your hair. Someone should probably hand you a towel, though — you're gonna need it.

9. "Clean"

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And of course, there's "Clean." Is this what it's like being reborn? I think it is. There's no video of Swift playing "Clean," but listening to Ingrid Michaelson discuss why it's so important will do the trick just fine.

Now don't you feel so much better? I'm not saying that Swift is a certified therapist. I'm just saying she should be.