Where Are The Abacos? 'Below Deck' Season 3 Lets You Visit Beautiful Caribbean Islands

The setting of Below Deck isn't usually all that important — it's wet, hot, sunny, one of the many playgrounds of the rich around the world, and... that's about it. Below Deck Season 3 was filmed in the Abacos, a small chain of Caribbean islands at the edge of the Bahamas. The Abacos: Just regular islands, or somehow unique? While technically there's not that much that distinguishes these islands from the other locations Below Deck has filmed in before, the Abacos have just looked amazing, especially when they went ashore for that brief beach barbecue.

And, if you have the chance, a yacht trip or a cruise through the Abacos seems amazing. In most of North America, summer's almost over, but the Caribbean charter season is in the winter, and, as Yacht Charter World reports, Below Deck was filmed in January, so you have a few months to save up hundreds of thousands of dollars to book your own charter to the Abacos. Want to sound smart and know what you're talking about when you get there? Well, then check out these Abacos Cliffs Notes, accompanied by the view from Below Deck.

The Basics About Abacos

Also called the Out Islands of the Bahamas, the Abacos islands are basically like a miniature version of the Bahamas themselves, if that makes sense — they are a chain of closely spaced islands.

They Have Some Aesthetic Similarities To The Northeast

The Abacos' tourist site describes the small area as having "the look of New England fishing towns complete with picket fences and gingerbread trim." Sounds very 1950s suburbs, but awesome because they have "the distinctive Bahamian touch of pastel colors."

There Are 700 Islands

Most of the 700 Abacos Islands are incredibly small, but just is case your yacht bunk was feeling too tiny, you have hundreds of opportunities to stop off and stretch your legs. Or start a bonfire!

They're Spaced Out Over 120 Miles

Another stat from the Bahamas — this is a pretty small distance, considering how fast a yacht can go. But, yachting is about the journey, not the the length of the journey, especially because stopping to enjoy some jetskis or swimming is a vital part of a charter.

The Weather Can Get Pretty Crazy

Hurricanes and squalls, heavy rains, formidable winds, and, when it isn't raining, there's a chance that high humidity and long sunny days can make it unpleasantly warm.

But Overall, It's Unbelievably Gorgeous

If stunning vistas and the seas are your thing, you just cannot do any better than the Abacos. And even if you hypothetically could, why mess with perfection? Because, in the Out Islands, there's a chance you can hang out with the crew of Below Deck. Or, at least, go on a tour of every sun-drenched beach they visited over the course of the season.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Giphy