Kate Pushes Rocky To Her Breaking Point On 'Below Deck' But It's Nothing We Haven't Seen From A Chief Stew Before

You're not ready for the list, Rocky! Well, that's at least according to Kate, who told the new Below Deck crew member that in response to her request for a to-do list of tasks that needed to be completed on the yacht during Tuesday night's episode of the Bravo reality series. Kate took that request to mean that Rocky doesn't like to be told what to do, which is true, but this discussion was just about the last straw for the new crew member who has been having an especially difficult time taking orders from her chief stew.

The tension between Kate and Rocky began in the Season 3 premiere of Below Deck when Rocky's request to assist Leon in the kitchen was immediately shot down by Kate. That's because Rocky is a stew, and stews have enough on their plate, what with having to serve guests Champagne, scrub their toilets, and try to protect themselves from being kissed. Yeah. It's gross.

But then Rocky made a huge mistake by climbing atop the mast of the yacht at the end of the episode, and we got to see the fallout from her actions during Tuesday night's episode of Below Deck. Because of Rocky's stupidity, Kate put her to work like never before, having her clean bathrooms and tend to the guests' beach picnic, which we all know is the bane of Kate's existence. It was clear that Kate was punishing Rocky for her behavior, and she knew that.

However, when Kate got stern with Rocky and kind of condescending, to be honest, telling Rocky that she needs to let Kate teach her all that she knows before the work can be done, the new crew member completely lost it. Rocky broke down and cried in the bathroom of her very tiny bunk, saying how she was so done with being on charter and wanted to get the heck out of there.

Now I don't think Rocky is going anywhere. Judging by the preview for next week's episode, if anyone is getting a plane ticket home, it's going to be Don. Rocky was just having a moment of frustration and exhaustion after her first charter, which even the toughest workers among us would probably succumb to.

What's more alarming to me is the chief stew Kate is becoming. Now I love me some Kate, but she can be kind of unnecessarily harsh and heartless sometimes, and I'm not even talking about her "bitchy resting face." Of course, she's also the one in charge of hospitality on the ship, so she kind of has to be super-stern with everyone to get stuff done. We saw her demeaning and patronizing words similarly break Amy down last season. Kate's behavior this season so far also reminds me of Season 1's chief stew Adrienne, who was universally loathed for how humorless and condescending she was, and had similar arguments with stew Sam, who, like Rocky, was also a green stew.

Sam and Adrienne never got past their differences in Season 1, but Kate and Amy eventually made up in Season 2 to the point that they're now — dare I say it? — friends. Perhaps there is hope that Kate and Rocky will move past this. But for the sake of entertainment, I kind of hope they don't.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Giphy (2)