12 Things Taylor Swift's Cat, Olivia, Is Probably Thinking Right Now — PHOTO

Unlike some people who don't like fun or love or cuteness, I am all for Taylor Swift’s Instagram obsession with her cats. I have a dog, and I can proudly say that to me and my fellow animal lovers, these guys aren’t simply pets. They’re our friends, our family, our confidants. So, yes, because of that connection, we pet owners tend we feel the need to express our love for them in various ways, which include posting photos of them with snarky captions (as if their antics and good looks directly reflect us or something). Case in point: on Sunday, Swift took to Instagram to upload a particularly pensive photo of her youngest cat, Olivia.

On her hind legs, peering over the arm of the chair she’s sitting on, Olivia looks plagued with thoughts. Swift notes this pained expression, captioning the picture, “Detective Olivia Benson is sitting in her chair, thinking about her life.” But unlike the fictional, human character of the same name, Olivia Benson-Swift does not have a taxing career, both physically and emotionally, to toil over. I assume that Olivia’s thoughts are a lot less job-oriented and far more focused on family life, current events, and fame. After all, it’s not like she does much of anything worth pondering. No offense, Olivia — you’re still the cutest cat I know (besides your sister Meredith).

So, here’s what I assume Olivia was most likely thinking about:

1. Do I Truly Deserve Monday Off If I Haven't Labored All Year?

I suppose Taylor's labored enough for all of us.

2. Is Meredith Sick? She Hasn't Tried To Fight Me At All Today

It's concerning.

3. Can I Call Calvin Harris, "Dad?"

Maybe, Daddy Calvin? Papa? C-Dawg?

4. Is Calvin Harris My Dad? Too Soon?

I should probably discuss the details with Meredith, first.

5. Taylor Never Brings Me On The Red Carpet, And Honestly, It's Giving Me A Complex

Is she afraid I'll sully her reputation?

6. Maybe She's Just Jealous Of Me. Ha! Definitely

I'm gorgeous and skilled, so who wouldn't be jealous?

7. I Wonder Where She Got This Chair. It Perfectly Accents The Decor

Speaking of decor, I really need to re-do my cat carrier.

8. I Really Have To Figure Out Who I'm Supporting In This Presidential Race And Stick. With. It.

Come on, Olivia! Don't be a flip-flopper for once in your nine lives.

9. Is She Watching Me?


10. Is That A Phone In Her Hand?

What else would it be, really? No privacy at all. Never going to live this down.

11. Oh, God. She's Going To Put This On Instagram, Isn't She?

Of course she is.

12. She Better At Least Use A Good Filter

She's put up selfies of me that are so unflattering.

Olivia, the over-Instagrammed pets of the world (including my dog) feel for you.