5 2015 News Stories That Would Have Sounded Crazy

Let's face it: We live in a world where cars can be controlled by hackers and Kanye West might run for president. Fortunately, we also live in a world where transgender women can have their own mainstream TV shows and our kids won't even remember a time when gay rights and women's rights weren't human rights. For us millennials, the '90s were the good ol' days, but overall, 2015 hasn't been too shabby either. Good, bad, or ugly, these 5 news stories would have sounded completely crazy in the '90s.

This year has been full of shocking headlines, even for those of us who are good at keeping up with the times. For instance, until this year, the thought of Donald Trump running for president sounded like a bad joke. The thought of Kim Kardashian running for first lady sounded like an even worse one. (Wait, did anyone even know who Kim K was in the '90s?) TBH, in the 1990s, I probably would have voted for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as president... yes, both of them.

But it's not just political headlines that rocked our 2015 world. After all, there are cars that drive themselves and smartphones that know when you're bored. One headline that you might see in both 2015 and, say, 1999? Dallas Cowboys fail to make it to the Super Bowl.

Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton Run For President

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The current presidential candidates are each pretty unbelievable in their own right. Trump hadn't yet launched his popular NBC shows, and he was only in his second marriage. He probably also received fewer jokes about his hair.

Clinton spent many years of the '90s as first lady. In fact, if you Googled "Clinton scandal" in the (late) '90s, once Google was actually a thing, you'd get much different results than the slew of email-centric stories you get today.

As for Jeb, a member of the Bush family running for president wasn't hugely shocking in the '90s, but Jeb sure didn't have nearly the name recognition he has today.

Caitlyn Jenner Joins Twitter

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Aside from the fact that no one had joined Twitter in the '90s, this story would be totally unrealistic because no one knew Caitlyn Jenner at the time. Jenner underwent perhaps the most publicly significant transition of 2015. In doing so, she ignited a much-needed conversation about transgender issues in this country. Now, she has a widely popular TV show (as do other trans women like Jazz Jennings and Laverne Cox) and an ESPY, in addition to a gold medal.

Same-Sex Couples Can Marry

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#LoveWon in 2015 for perhaps the very first time. In June, the Supreme Court made history by turning marriage equality into the law of the land. Also between the 1990s and now, gay people have gained new financial rights and the ability to serve openly in the military.

Josh Duggar Had An Ashley Madison Account

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In August, the online dating site for married people ruined countless relationships when a hack revealed the sensitive account information of its users.

Given that the World Wide Web was barely a thing, Ashley Madison didn't exist in the '90s. Neither did 19 Kids & Counting. In fact, the Duggars only had 11 kids by the end of the '90s. This is one headline I could have done without this year.

Two Women Completed U.S. Army Ranger School

U.S. Army/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Women couldn't serve in combat units in the U.S. military until 2013, so there was no reason for them to attend ranger school until recently. Now, two ladies have made it through the rigorous program alongside their male counterparts, adding a fancy Ranger badge to their collection of brass.

We've needed a world where same-sex couples can marry and transgender women are in the public eye for a long time. Still, though, who could have guessed in the '90s that Hillary would someday become the Clinton answering for a scandal?