Shia LaBeouf Plagiarized His Apology for Plagiarizing & the Source is Hilarious

Look, if I was reporting the news that Connie Britton straight up plagiarized one of her amazing pro-women speeches and then plagiarized her apology, we’d all be like. “Say it isn’t so!” or “NOTHING IS REAL ANYMORE” or “I give up!” and then flip the nearest table over in a fit of rage because the world would cease to make sense. But relax, Ms. Rayna James-Britton-Taylor would never play us like that. The news however is that one Shia LaBeouf was just caught plagiarizing an apology he posted on Twitter ...for plagiarizing Daniel Clowes’ comic Justin M. Damiano in his short film . This news — not shocking. Because, well, haven’t we all just started expecting poor behavior from the former Louis Stevens?

We have. Since the Transformers series began, we’ve all been witness to a string of LaBeouf’s douche-baggery. His regular stints in the news are a bit like when Joaquin Phoenix was going through a phase, except LaBeouf’s behavior smells more like Axe than art. And it’s lasted much, much longer. Let’s call it a "Bro-quin Phoenix phase.” But herein lies the actual shocking (or hilarious) bit of this news: HE STOLE APOLOGY FROM YAHOO ANSWERS. Let’s take a look at the evidence:

Shia’s tweeted apology:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand a response posted on Yahoo Answers:

And just for some perspective here, the Yahoo thread was asking “Why did Picasso say ‘good artists copy but great artists steal’?” Seriously, you can just type his apology into Google and this is what pops up. Raise of hands for who thinks Shia LaBeouf is a great artist. No one? Nope? Okay.

And what we've learned about Mr. LaBeouf:

Image: ReactionGifs