4 Ways To Climax No Matter What Size He Is

According to a 2012 study from the University of the West of Scotland of 323 women, women prefer larger penises, because the bigger the penis, the more likely they are to experience a vaginal orgasm. Although the study found that size doesn’t matter when it comes to clitoral orgasms, vaginally speaking, you need a big penis to get there and make it happen. It’s science; you can’t argue science. But, still, there are plenty of to make sex with a small penis incredible for you.

The thing is, size shouldn’t be the only thing that matters when it comes to having an orgasm. With 75 percent of women needing clitoral stimulation to climax, in those circumstances, penis size just doesn’t come into play. What’s important is using all your assets and modern technology that’s at your disposable to have a sexual experience that truly satisfies, and honestly, that might not even include penetration for every woman out there.

So how are you going to orgasm the hell out of your next roll in the hay with your partner? Through variation and the occasional extra hand. Here are four ways to orgasm no matter what he’s carrying when it comes to size.

1. Add A Vibrator To The Mix

I feel like this should totally be a given, but for some couples having an extra hand in the bedroom can feel like an uninvited guest. But here’s the thing, vibrators are your friend. Studies have even shown that, contrary to belief, men are not intimidated by vibrators being included during sex. In fact, most men welcome the help with open arms.

2. Get His Tongue And Fingers Involved

If you’re not buying the fact that most men want a vibrator in bed as an aid in making you orgasm, then the next best thing is foreplay and lots of it. Studies have found that women need, on average, at least 20 minutes of stimulation before they can successfully orgasm. If in those 20 minutes your partner stimulates your clitoris with his tongue and/or fingers, then you’re both moving one step closer to you having an orgasm.

3. Take The ‘I Think I Can’ Route

Being able to orgasm isn’t just about your body, but your brain, too. Studies have found that women with a clear brain, as in not thinking about a million other things during sex, and women who firmly believe that an orgasm is in the near future, have an easier time achieving it. While you may not be able to think your way into an orgasm while you’re just walking down the street, setting your mind to it while you’re in the moment with your partner can make a big difference in your orgasm success rate.

4. Get On Top

Easiest way to have an orgasm no matter his size? Cowgirl. As Bustle’s very own Vanessa Marin explains, “Being on top is the most popular position for a lot of women because it gives you complete control over the pace, angle, depth, and level of stimulation.” Although there are other positions that can lead to an orgasm no matter his size, you being on top is definitely your best bet.

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