Kirk Apologizes To Carly For That 'Bachelor In Paradise' Breakup, But There's One Thing She Wants Him To Learn

In part one of the Bachelor in Paradise season finale, Kirk broke up with Carly in a split that none of us saw coming. It was heartbreaking for many of us to watch, especially since Carly was so visibly blindsided and distressed. People has described it as "the most shocking on-air breakup in Bachelor history," which are strong but accurate words. On Monday night's part two of the finale, Kirk apologized to Carly on After Paradise and attempted to explain his actions. It was the first time the two saw or spoke to each other since Mexico, and it was no surprise that there was tension in the room.

Kirk claimed that because Carly had made it clear that she would exit a relationship at the sign of any red flags, he kept it to himself that he felt they were on a different pages. Although he did this because he was hopeful that the relationship would work out, Carly (rightfully) pointed out that he was dishonest by not voicing his true feelings about the pace they were moving at. She also shared that the night before the breakup, she had told Kirk there was no pressure for him to attend her brother's reception (he had gotten married while Carly was in Mexico filming the show) and Kirk had claimed there was nothing he wanted more than to meet her family.

Before Kirk broke up with Carly, he expressed that when she talked about wanting to have kids the previous night, it really made him nervous. She pointed out that he never asked her what time frame she had in mind, because if he'd done that, he would have known that she was thinking more along the lines of "in five years" than "right away."

So, when it came down to it, it really seems like communication was the biggest issue in this relationship, and Kirk's failure to openly communicate and ask the right questions resulted in heartbreak. While he genuinely cared for Carly, it was unfair to not be open with her just because he was afraid she'd run away from the relationship. Although to many Kirk has become a Bachelor in Paradise villain, Carly expressed that she doesn't want people to hate him. "Just... don't do this to someone else," she cautioned. Wise words — I hope he's learned his lesson.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC