Samantha & Nick Shocked Everyone After 'BiP'

by Nicole Pomarico

If you asked me last week whether I expected Samantha Steffen to leave paradise with a long-term relationship while Tenley Molzahn left empty-handed, I would have told you that you were crazy. But thanks to After Paradise, we now know that's exactly what happened. No offense to Sam, who is obviously gorgeous, but the way the drama seemed to originate with her on Bachelor in Paradise this season didn't exactly lend itself to relationship success ... except for the part where it did. Thanks to an update from good friend and co-star Amber James, we now know that Sam and Nick are still together after Bachelor in Paradise . Are you as shocked as I am?

It all started when Amber called in to the after show, and Chris Harrison asked for the update we've all been dying to hear (good looking out, Chris). She basically gave us all the details we needed to hear. "Her and Nick are amazing," Amber said. "She has gone on vacations, she's gone to visit him, she's met his family, he's met her family, they're doing amazing."

Even co-host Jenny Mollen admitted that she was "alarmed" by the news. And although I seldom agree with her After Paradise opinions, I'm with her on this one. Fans are also surprised about the news, and they hit Twitter to express their total shock after the update aired. Um, yeah — nobody was expecting this one.

It's official: The entire internet (including Chris Harrison) has lost the ability to accurately predict Bachelor Nation romances. Now, will it last? I'll be patiently refreshing my Instagram feed to find out.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC