After 'BiP' Will Sam & Nick Head Down The Aisle?

Samantha Steffen seems to have had her fill of suitors on this season of Bachelor In Paradise, but hey, what’s one more for the end of the season? Throwing all of that Joe/Juelia/Justin/who knows drama behind her, Samantha has certainly sparked something with Nick Peterson on Bachelor in Paradise.This dude is obsessed with her — he even rolled around on the ground in front of Jaclyn Swartz in order to get her date card just to hang out with Sam. That’s (potential) love right there, if not lust. But, are Nick and Samantha into each other enough to get married?

Their purloined date went pretty well, I have to say. They were whisked away and treated to an amazingly decadent gourmet meal by Mexico City-based chef Josefina Santacruz, and then they made out at the table. Nick was very into the makeout sesh, whereas it looked like Sam was grimacing the whole time. But, maybe that’s just how she likes to kiss people. I’m not here to judge (JK, yes I am) how people kiss. I’m still really not sure if Sam is even into Nick, but she’s going on dates and talking about how much they like each other. So, maybe Sam is just one of those people who's bad at showing emotions, no matter what her feelings are.

If Sam is actually feeling’ it with Nick (because we know that Nick is obsessed with Sam, no surprise there), I believe she totally would not marry this guy. At least, she won’t marry him right away. Why? Well, for starters, knowing someone for a month is, in my opinion, not even close to enough time to thoroughly suss out whether or not that person should be your partner for the rest of your life. I know that that theorem goes against everything that The Bachelor franchise stands for, but I just would like to put that out there.

Secondly, Sam has gone through hell and back on this season of Bachelor In Paradise. All of the drama (even though Sam claims not to know the meaning of that word) is strictly self-imposed, but it is drama nonetheless. Sam’s approval rating in Bachelor Nation is at an all-time low, and I don’t think marrying another once-upon-a-time villain like Nick would boost her standing with viewers. She would really do best to lie low and just live her normal life for a while (mostly so people forget all the weird circumstances she put herself in in Mexico). That doesn’t mean getting married in a lavish, ABC-funded wedding. I honestly don’t think that would be redemptive for her — I think it would make her look money hungry (not saying she is, I’m just talking public perception).

So, what should Sam do now that Bachelor In Paradise is over? Like I said, stay out of the public eye. It’s hard when you’re a public figure (are reality show contestants public figures?), but it’s a must for Sam, at least until the next season of The Bachelor starts and a new contestant outrages Bachelor Nation.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell; Giphy (2)