How Did Cassandra & Jonathan Meet?

The only thing that seemed certain going into the Bachelor in Paradise season finale on Monday night was that Jade and Tanner would end up together. (And they did.) As for the other couples, things could really have gone in either direction — they would give each other their final roses and attempt a relationship outside of paradise, or they would end things then and there. Well, it turns out there was another path for contestants to take: ending up with someone from the show who they didn't date while in paradise. Yep, it was revealed on After Paradise that Cassandra and Jonathan are dating even though they weren't on the show at the same time. How did that happen? How did Cassandra and Jonathan even meet?

During After Paradise, Cassandra came out to talk about her time in Mexico and her relationship with Justin. Chris Harrison announced that the man Cassandra was dating was about to come out and join the chat, and it was immediately clear that something was fishy. There was no way the man who was going to be revealed would be Justin. And it wasn't. It was Jonathan, a contestant originally from Kaitlyn's Bachelorette season who left paradise fairly early on.

Cassandra and Jonathan explained that they met when they ended up both working at the same commercial shoot. "He lives 30 minutes from me, and we actually met at a commercial ... I was doing makeup and he was the talent. And, yeah, he just so happened to be there," Cassandra explained. "It was amazing," Jonathan quickly added. Both former BiP contestants live in Detriot.

Confirming this story, six weeks ago Cassandra posted an Instagram of herself with Jonathan and the caption, "Look who I got to work with today! It's such a small world."

The new couple have in common that they both are parents to young sons. And apparently, everyone has already met. Worth noting, is that in the pic below from five weeks ago, Cassandra claimed she and Jonathan were just friends. Well, things have clearly changed. (Or they were just waiting for the right televised moment to reveal their news!)

Congrats to the happy couple!

Image: Cassandra Ferguson/Instagram