Which Is Better For Your Period, Tampons Or Pads?

In the war of the menstrual flow-curbing devices, the battle between tampons versus pads rages on. Which is better? Some believe the best way to approach your period is with a tampon. Others are staunch supporters of the pad. And then there are those like myself who believe that context is everything, and that whichever item you use should be based on circumstances — for instance, how heavy your flow is, what kind of activity you will be doing, or your general comfort level (I mean, sometimes a girl gets so uncomfortable she just needs the comfort of a pad).

BuzzFeed is addressing the issue because obviously some women feel very strongly about this. I mean, have you ever had a tampon wearer react to you when you say you wear pads? Or a pad wearer react to you wearing tampons? Or a diva cup user just generally REACT? I'm pretty chill when it comes to periods and how women choose to deal with them, but I get the "having to be right" thing because if I have an opinion I like to be very opinionated about it. And I'm always open to becoming militant about pads or tampons, I just think that so far I've found both to have benefits and disadvantages. If you're as on-the-fence as I am, here's some solid debate points to give you food for thought:

1. Pads Don't Involve Insertion

2. Tampons Give You Freedom Of Movement

3. There's No Risk Of Dreaded Toxic Shock With Pads

4. Tampons Are Cleaner

5. But Really, It Should Be All About What YOU Want

Still undecided/not sure what it is exactly you want? Watch the entire debate rage below:

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