This Book Series Is Perfect For Future Programmers

Did your infant come out of the womb clutching a laptop in one hand and a packet of Red Vines in the other? If so, it is your duty as a parent to pick up Boolean Logic for Babies, the first book in a series of educational books for infants from the creator of Computer Science for Babies, Eric Redmond. Sure, your baby might not be totally verbal yet, but at the very least, it'll make them look super cool compared to the other babies. Isn't that what having children is all about?

(Correction: I have been informed that raising children is not, in fact, about making them cooler than all the other children. I was thinking of World of Warcraft. My mistake.)

Using cartoon animals and plenty of simple sentences, Boolean Logic is intended to teach infants the very basics of the logic behind programming. Rather than trying to explain the concept of algebra to an audience that still hasn't developed past childhood amnesia, the book focuses on the reasoning skills needed to understand computer science later in life. "Computers are a way of thinking, not merely electronics. The future belongs to those who can mentally navigate this complex world," Redmond wrote on the Kickstarter campaign page.

Redmond told the Daily Dot that he "broke down the minimal required knowledge that a baby could grasp" for the the book using current research regarding infant brain development. Although the target audience won't necessarily be able to understand the books from the get-go, research has indicated that it's never to early to start reading to children. Reading from an early age improves babies' literacy as they get older, and exposure to the subject matter may foster an interest later in life.

That isn't to say reading Boolean Logic is going to cement your child's destiny as the next Mark Zuckerberg, but think about it. If they've been reading books that foster logic and reasoning skills since they were a baby, they're more likely to do well in subjects that require those skills, like computer science and math. I don't know about you, but I'm way more likely to enjoy a subject if I'm good at it in the first place.

Boolean Logic isn't the first effort to make STEM fields fun for children; toys like iBesties, Jewelbots, and Roominate are all designed to foster interest in subjects like math and engineering. However, Boolean Logic is one of the first books intended for such a young audience — according to its Kickstarter, the book is made for 0+ months, and this can be seen in its cloth pages and bright colors.

With manufacturing, packing, and shipping in place, Boolean Logic is estimated to ship in November. With almost three weeks left to go, the book has already reached more than half its $10,000 goal. Check out the campaign video below, and to donate, head over to the Computer Science for Babies Kickstarter page.

Images: Computer Science for Babies/Kickstarter (2); Giphy