13 Warm & Stylish Waterproof Jackets For Fall

Summer is basically over and I'm now quickly realizing that I took all of those sunny days for granted. Soon, fall (and then winter) will be upon us and for me, that means the arrival of my worst nemesis: cold, rainy weather. Of course, rocking stylish raincoats are definitely a bonus to this type of forecast. Plus, there's nothing like curling up inside with a book and a hot cup of tea while the rain patters on the roof, right?

Well, unfortunately I had to go and ruin that enjoyment of rainy days for myself by adopting a dog. Now whenever I see that it's chilly and raining outside, I gaze deeply into my dog's eyes and plead with him, "Are you sure you don't want to learn how to use the toilet today?" We have yet to reach an agreement on that matter, so for the time being I have to continue to trudge outside in the cold rain so that my dog can spend five seconds peeing and 30 minutes refusing to come inside until all the grass has been sniffed.

In the year I've had Doug, I've learned what is necessary for my survival (and the survival of my sanity). Rain boots, warm socks, and especially a warm raincoat are all requirements. It's weirdly hard to find a nice raincoat though. There aren't a lot of good rain coat options for women who want to look stylish while staying dry and warm. I was pretty close to giving up and buying a $5 poncho that resembles a yellow tent. Luckily, after some determined sifting through my favorite online stores, I found the following waterproof jackets — all of which are stylish enough to wear to work or on a date, but they're also hardy enough for walking your dog in terrible weather. See? It is possible to be practical and cute, even on the rainiest of days.

1. Tomboyish Charm

Hooded Utility Jacket, $35, Forever21

This hooded jacket comes in two cute shades: blue and olive green. It's so hard not to buy both (but at this price, why not?). The outer shell will keep you dry while the inner lining will keep you warm. Wear this with boyfriend jeans and boots on rainy weekends.

2. Slim-Fitting Parka

Merona Women's Rain Anorak Jacket, $40, Target

This hooded anorak comes in four shades: black, olive green, blue, and burgundy. The lack of bulkiness and drawstring at the waist makes it go well with all your fall ensembles. This is the perfect rain coat to wear on weekends, while walking the dog, or for walking to class.

3. Mod Style

Asos Petite Rain Mac With Retro Panel, $56, ASOS

How cute is this? The white and teal color-blocking is eye-catching from the start, and the purple lining of the hood adds an unexpected touch. Pair this with swingy mini skirts, platform heels, and all of your other favorite retro pieces.

4. Simple And Classic

Navy Raincoat, $70, Zara

If you're the simple, no-frills type, this raincoat is for you. Wear it with your favorite worn-in jeans and fisherman's sweater on rainy days; it'll get the job done without being too flashy.

5. Subtle Camo

Asos Rain Parka in Midi Length, $75, ASOS

This parka also comes in black, but the subtle camo print and dark green color are very on-trend right now. This would look great with black skinny jeans and black ankle boots this fall.

6. The Classic Trench (With A Hood!)

Calvin Klein Hooded Single-Breasted Trench Coat, $99, Macy's

It's rare to find a hooded trench coat but this one delivers. (The hood is removable, too.) Available in sizes XXS to XXL, it has a classic, belted shape that works for everyone's wardrobe. It's also available in black.

7. Cherry Red

Hooded Cotton Parka, $99, Zara

The boyish charm of this hooded jacket can't be overstated. It's easy to dress this up for work (try it with culottes as seen on the model for a modern silhouette) but it's also perfect for casual, rainy weekends. Plus the bright red color is perfection.

8. The Outfit Finisher

Land's End Women's Plus Size Heritage Trench Coat, $110, Land's End

This is the sort of jacket that you throw on top of any outfit for instant polish. It will elevate everything from your most basic work outfit to leggings, but it will look especially cute with a flowing, patterned dress for date-night. It's available in Regular, Petite, Tall, and Plus sizes.

9. Oversized Chic

Oversized Parka, $129, Zara

This is definitely the season to play around with your silhouette, whether it's with cropped culottes, flared jeans, or oversized jackets. The cropped sleeves on this one let you have fun with layering, and the massive hood will protect your head from any weather.

10. Classic Sophistication

Water Repellent Cotton Trench Coat, $130, Zara

You can't go wrong with the classic trench, but it helps to look for one that's water-repellent like this adorable coat. Add it to any outfit to immediately make yourself look chic and timeless.

11. A Rain Coat Disguised As A Trench Coat

MICHAEL Michael Kors Single Breasted Raincoat, $140, Nordstrom

If only all raincoats were this stylish. You can't beat the classic style of the trench, so by making a raincoat with that cut and silhouette it immediately goes from a frumpy, dorky practicality to a sophisticated staple. This coat is available in Regular and Petite sizes, as well as four colors: black, tan, red, and blue. Good luck choosing just one.

12. Cheery Yellow

DKNY Hooded Trench Raincoat, $180, Macy's

It's hard to resist the traditional bright yellow shade when it comes to raincoats. It brightens up even the gloomiest day. This one has a hood and the classic shape of a trench coat (and it is available in other colors, but really you should get the yellow).

13. Vinyl Effect

Double-Breasted Vinyl Coat, $180, Topshop

This coat is already the coolest thanks to its wet look, but imagine how much cooler it will look when it's actually dripping wet. Plus the deep burgundy color is perfect for fall.

Images: Courtesy Brands