3 Steps To Using Dry Shampoo The Right Way

by Jillian Ruffo
A black-haired girl putting dry shampoo on her hair and a light blue "beauty basics" sign

Here's the scenario: You’re running late with zero time to wash your hair, and yesterday’s DIY blowout is falling pretty flat. You reach for the bottle of dry shampoo that a friend left at your place and spray it all over. The lighting in your bathroom isn’t the best, so as soon as you get to work, your work BFF pulls you aside to point out the “weird white powder” in your hair. Cue the hair emergency.

It’s OK! The first time is always rough. Once you learn how to use it, however, dry shampoo will be a godsend to your morning routine. It will allow your blowout to last at least a day longer and save you plenty of time after the gym – unless you’re one of those people who can shampoo, rinse, and run out the door. (Oh, how I envy you.) If you're like me, your hair takes nearly two hours to get right, and you could be adding a few hours back into your life each week with one simple fix. Fair deal, right?

Sure, the proper dry shampoo application takes practice, but once you get it right, you’ll never look back. Below are some foolproof tips for getting it right every time.

Step 1: Divide & Conquer

The key to getting the most out of your dry shampoo? First, find the right one for you (we chose Pantene's). Then, divide your strands into small sections. One section at a time, hold the can 6-8 inches from your scalp and spray a light mist from your roots to mid-shaft, until most of your roots (or any oily areas) are coated.

Step 2: Let It Settle

You're probably freaking out about the white residue all over your hair... but don't touch! By letting the dry shampoo sit for 5-10 minutes, you're allowing it to absorb sweat and oil.

Step 3: Work It In

A quick scalp massage will perk up your roots and work the formula into your hair so the residue disappears. And if that doesn't work, a quick pass with a brush will dust off any leftover powder.

And just like that: full, clean-feeling hair in a few minutes flat.

Images: Kenny Suleimanagich / Bustle