Taylor Swift Surpasses Kim Kardashian As Most Followed Person On Instagram & It's Obvious Why

If Taylor Swift wasn't already taking over the world, she is now. Since she beat out Beyonce last month, Kim Kardashian has been leading the pack with the most Instagram followers ever, but now, it's time for her to step down from her social media throne. As of this weekend, Swift is now the number one most followed celebrity on Instagram, meaning that she gained 1,000 more followers than Kardashian has. NBD, but 45.5 million people follow Swift's account — that's like if every single person in the state of California followed her, and then some. It's impressive and terrifying all at the same time, because if that many people followed me, I would crack under all of the pressure. How does she do it?!

And even though I'm someone who loves both Kardashian and Swift, it's not surprising to me that Swift now attracts a larger audience than Kardashian, especially after the wildly successful year she's had. Between releasing 1989, going on tour, and inviting basically every female celebrity ever to join her BFF squad, Swift might be one of the biggest celebs in the world, if not the biggest. And as a longtime follower of Swift, even back in the day when her hair was still curly and she was posting Macbook Photobooth photos on Myspace, I totally get the appeal of her Instagram.

Obviously, Kardashian and Swift are two very different people who live two very different lives, so their Instagrams look a lot different. But if Kardashian thought about including a few of these things in her feed, she might take back the number one spot.

Adorable Cat Photos

Specifically, photos and videos of Olivia acting like a meerkat, which happens far more often than you'd think it would.

Insane Updates From Her World Tour

Guys, this is Ellen DeGeneres in a sparkly outfit. Who wouldn't want to follow someone who posts photos of this quality?

Star-Studded BFF Photos

I want to be friends with all of these people.

Precious #TBT Posts From Her Younger Years

How adorable is this?!

Idyllic Party Photos

Any party Swift throws looks a lot like a Norman Rockwell painting through an Instagram filter.

Photos With Calvin Harris That Are Seriously Relationship Goals

I am in love! I didn't know I liked Calvin Harris 'til after Swift started dating him, and now, I can't stop freaking out about how cute they are together.


What can I say? She's a crowd pleaser.

Swift, keep it up, and you'll be president in no time. Sorry, Kanye West.