Kim K. Is The Most Popular Person On Instagram

Reigning queen of the selfie, Kim Kardashian, accomplished the impressive — yet thoroughly unsurprising — today when she topped the list of most followed Instagram accounts. A Monday, Aug. 24, report from Us Weekly noted that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star currently has over 44 million followers on the social media app, just surpassing Beyoncé, who formerly held the throne with a following of over 43 million. Meanwhile, I am currently holding the title of most Instagram ussies taken during karaoke nights in Baltimore, Maryland (disclaimer: I have not done any research to confirm that I actually hold that title, or that such a title exists). I also have a pretty on fleek following of nearly 400 people, most of which I think may be spam bots — but back to Kardashian...

Mrs. Kanye West's siblings, Kendal, Kylie, and Khloe have also made the list of most followed accounts, with Queen Bey maintaining an impressive second place. Obviously, Kardashian has a legion of fans, and her avid use of social media makes it less than shocking that she would have accrued so many followers. However, what exactly is it about her specific acumen when it comes to filtered photos that has made her soar to the top spot? Through shrewd analysis (i.e., scrolling through her feed a bunch of times) of the reality star's account, I have found some evidence as to how she has become the certified leader of Instagram.

1. The Power Of Kimye

These two are pure love — amiright?? Seriously, if I ever get married — and Kardashian and West split up — I am filing for divorce and citing their irreconcilable differences. How would I ever be able to continue believing in love?

2. North West's Unmatched Adorableness

The cuteness is worth a billion selfies right there. I can't even.

3. Her Selfie Skills Can't Be Beat

I'm just stating facts, here.

4. The Double Selfie...Or Whatever This Is

Is someone taking a picture of Kardashian taking a selfie?? Does she have an extra phone in her other hand in order to take a selfie...of a selfie? I honestly have no idea what is going on here, but what I do know is that these pictures are even more hypnotic than a lava lamp. I seriously can't look away — WHAT?!

5. Makeup Inspiration

Now I know what I'm going to (attempt to) rock out makeup-wise tonight. This gal knows a good color palate when she sees it.

6. Her Downtime With Mason Is Everything Ever

My heart is literally exploding with all the feels. Too. Cute.

7. Remember When She Went Blonde?

Don't even try and pretend you weren't glued to her feed for every root touchup.

8. We Get Glimpses Of West's Pearly Whites

This is in no way, shape, or form meant as any hate to Yeezy, himself. That being said, West wasn't always known as the most...er...smiley of celebrities. I, for one, love seeing those pearly whites, and it's no surprise that his bae is able to bring the grins out of him.

9. That Time Hilary Clinton Showed Up


10. This Ultimate Trifecta

In case any of her siblings have been lacking in posts, we can always count on Kardashian to keep us up to date.

11. I'll Leave You With Rafiki

And now I have an urge to re-watch The Lion King ad nauseam.

I think it's pretty clear as to how Kardashian has risen to the top of Instagram. Now if she can only "like" one of my karaoke photos, my life will be complete.

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram (11)