What Brand Of Lashes Does Kylie Jenner Wear?

In case you’ve been trying to perfect your Kardashian/Jenner look lately (and I mean, who hasn’t been?), things may have just gotten a little easier. Kylie Jenner wears Lily Lashes to get that full-lash look she has going on, so thankfully, all of that experimenting with different mascaras and fake lashes can come to an end. Go straight to the source and shop the same lashes as the youngest Jenner. Don’t you just feel like you can breathe a little easier now?

Jenner took to Instagram to let everyone finally know where she gets her lashes from and in the picture she’s wearing the “Miami” style lashes. So, you can literally get her exact same look. She’s become such a makeup goddess, so I, for one, am glad this information’s finally out in the open. There are only a few locations that carry Lilly Lashes, but you can easily order the brand's products online. Plus, they ship worldwide, so there’s really no reason why you can’t get these bad boys on your face — stat. If they’re good enough for Jenner, they’re good enough for me.

Shop the designs, which are made from real human hair or mink. Sounds pretty fancy, huh? But then again, only the best for Jenner.

Looking good as always! But, how'd she get her lashes to look like that... oh, wait. I know! Thanks for the beauty tip, Kylie. Here are a few of your options from Lilly Lashes. They're affordable, to boot!

1. Miami

Miami Lashes, $30, Lilly Lashes

2. Monaco

Monaco Lashes, $30, Lilly Lashes

3. Cairo

Cairo Lashes, $9, Lilly Lashes

4. Paris

Paris Lashes, $9, Lilly Lashes

5. Just Right

Just Right Lash Set, $9, Lilly Lashes

Shop these and more to get your Jenner on!

Images: Lilly Lashes (5)