Kylie Jenner Shared A Pic Of Her Lip Kits

Those wily, marketing savvy Kardashians and Jenners are quite adept at creating anticipation and teasing their legion of fans, using social media to their advantage to build hype about the products they're endorsing. Kylie Jenner teased a photo of her Lip Kits, which we know virtually nothing about other than she is, in fact, venturing into the beauty world. Her nude x matte lips are her most famous feature, so this makes all sorts of sense.

I have to hand it to the teen. She is effectively making her fans and beauty mavens such as myself stoked and super excited about these mysterious Lip Kits by doling out information and images so judiciously. She leaves us wanting more, more, more.

Jenner hinted about her first foray into the product world earlier this summer. She shared an image of her expertly lined, dark brown, and shine-free lips and mentioned the name "Lip Kits" in the post. And thus, the buzz was born.

Jenner, who rocked some serious bangs at the 2015 VMAs, has taken things a step further by sharing a shot of the actual Lip Kit products themselves.

They don't look like "kits" from this photo, unless she will be selling several of the lip colors combined. When I think "kit,"and more specifically, a Kylie Lip Kit, a self-contained palette with a mirror, a lip brush, and a liner compartment comes to mind.

These sample tubes look like glosses or liquid lipstick, as opposed to kits with multiple pieces and/or tools, but who knows how they'll actually come once they're available.

The packaging appears chic, featuring sleek, textured glass tubes. The reality starlet once again hashtagged the shot with "#KylieLipKit," already focusing on brand recognition. Smart girl!

I absolutely love the range of colors, which includes a rosy, dusty pink, a soft cocoa, and a deep, rich chocolate shade. I have a sneaking suspicion that Kylie Lip Kits will be available this fall, since the tones are so autumnal.

BTW, I love her gold and sparkly dagger mani.

Without the benefit of information, like the launch date, price, and purchase availability, I am left to guess, assume, and estimate! I can't fault Kylie for being koy when it comes to details. She's keeping us on our pedicured toes.

However, it's not totally cray cray to think that Kylie Lip Kits will allow you to create this look. Jenner really does love her mirror selfies.

Here's another look at her first Lip Kit tease. If it's a painted and pouty pucker that you seek, you're gonna get it with Kylie Lip Kits.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (3)