'BB17' Houseguests Have A Big Eviction To Consider

by Sally Mercedes

It's been tough to be a twin in the Big Brother house this week. With Austin winning the POV competition and taking himself off the block, Steve put up Julia as his replacement nominee. That means Liz and her sister Julia are both in danger of being sent home. But which twin will get evicted when the Big Brother 17 houseguests get to vote? Although Steve's original target was Austin, sending either of the twins to the Jury House is smart at this point. They would potentially be breaking up a twinmance, a showmance, or both.

But, having both Liz and Julia on the block has made for some interesting discussions this week as the houseguests, including the twins themselves, weighed the pros and cons of keeping each twin. While the other competitors have promised that they'll vote whichever way Julia and Liz decide amongst themselves, that's not really the best way for them to go about it. The game is almost over and this eviction could make or break someone's stay. They should weigh the options and then carefully consider which twin to send packing.

First, let's take a look at the argument for keeping Julia.

Pro: Julia's Great for Final 2

Anybody sitting next to Julia in the Final 2 is almost guaranteed to win. Julia has quite a weak case for winning Big Brother, and that's her biggest strength for staying in the game right now.

Con: Julia Can't Help You Get to Final 2

At this point, even if every houseguest made a Final 2 deal with Julia, it would really be up to each individual houseguest to carry out that plan because Julia's probably not going to be of much use in actually getting to that point since she's not known for winning anything. Then again, this could be another pro because it means the others in the final three only have one competitor to worry about in the three-part HoH comp.

Now, you might think that the pros and cons are simply reversed when it comes to Liz, but the argument is a bit more involved than that.

Pro: Liz Is Still a Big Target

Liz is still a big target in the game and keeping her might keep a couple of people (Vanessa and Austin) safe for another week. This is really the last week when that argument could keep someone in the house.

Con: Liz Could Win The Whole Thing

Liz has a great shot at not only making it to the Final 2, but winning the game. She's won several competitions throughout the season, and she wasn't even fully playing the game early on because she was trading off with Julia. Her social game hasn't been stellar, but she aligned herself with strong players and hasn't made very many enemies in the process. Depending on who's sitting next to her on finale night, she could very well win, and most of the houseguests know that.

With Steve, John, and Vanessa working together now, it's really their decision who gets evicted this week. Austin has told Steve he'll vote how they want him to vote. And, although Austin is trying to get the house the keep Liz, it's a harder sell if you weigh the pros and cons. At this point, it's looking like the showmance may be over on Thursday.

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Image: CBS