Lottie Tomlinson Finally Launched A Beauty Channel

by Julia Guerra

Considering there must be thousands of channels dedicated to all the different products and techniques floating around, vloggers are still generating unique content. Lottie Tomlinson launched a YouTube beauty channel Sunday, and this makeup artist is introducing a new kind of tutorial. I’ve just recently tapped into the YouTube beauty vlogger scene (I know, I’m way late), and while I’m loving this form of cosmetic education, I am overwhelmed by the originality each channel possess.

Tomlinson’s been dabbling in the beauty industry for some time now, learning the ropes from One Direction big brother Louis Tomlinson’s makeup and hair stylist Lou Teasdale. Tomlinson has also, quite strategically, might I add, taken full advantage of the professional’s Snapchat. Teasdale filmed the MUA's makeover on Liam Payne’s girlfriend Sophia Smith back in August that generated some buzz surrounding Tomlinson's skills. It was only a matter of time before this cosmetic prodigy would launch a channel of her own.

Her first two tutorials brought me back to many a college night when my girlfriends and I would pack into my dorm room suite’s bathroom to do each others makeup. Beauty products would line the sink and someone’s iTunes library would be blaring from her phone. It’s as if the 17-year-old’s goal was to remind us that, while beauty is a process, it should also be a good time.

So here's what I want you to do. Log on to your YouTube account, toggle over to Tomlinson's channel and bookmark it, favorite it, add it to your playlist of choice because it's definitely one to watch.

Need a little more convincing? Check out my top five reasons you're going to love Tomlinson's beauty videos.

1. They're Short

As much as I love to kick back with a cup of tea and lose myself in a detailed tutorial teaching me the step by step version of how to get the perfect cat eye, sometimes, well, ain't no body got time for that. So far Tomlinson's videos focus on one technique at a time and last up to two minutes max.

2. One Technique At A Time

Full face makeup tutorials have gotten me from amateur to intermediate level makeup artistry, but sometimes you're more interested in skipping a majority of the routine and picking out one specific technique. Tomlinson's first two videos focus on two different techniques: glitter lips and mermaid lids. One lesson, one technique, #alltheconvenience.

3. Background Music

Who doesn't want a soundtrack on replay when we're getting ourselves all dolled up? Her makeup is playful, so her background music gives off that vibe. If you love house music and hittin' the club, this girl's tutorials are for you.

4. All Show, No Tell

Some people are visual learners. Other people like to be told direction. Tomlinson's videos are set up in a way that she doesn't have to narrate the steps she is taking. She makes her techniques basic enough to simply follow along with your eyes.

5. Product Close Ups

Smooth transitions are key to any form of content, and I love how Tomlinson introduces each new product with a solid color background, and the spotlight on the next product to use. She also gives the viewer enough time to really take notice of the product's name, which comes in handy for those of us who like to purchase our favorite MUA's favorites. Check out both of her videos below, and don't forget to hit subscribe!