6 Natural Blister Treatments Your Feet Will Thank You For

Oomph. There is no greater plain than peeling off a pair of killer heels at the end of the night in order to treat busted, blistered feet. Beauty doesn't have to be pain, so I rounded up some of the best natural blister treatments for aching feet. You don't have to splurge on blister band-aids or expensive blister creams – you might have the answer to your poor foot problems in your kitchen cabinet right now!

"Natural" treatments always raise an eyebrow for me. Is it an old wives tale, a hoax, or a real and best solution to a problem? Plenty of people adhere to all natural-treatments for skin problems like acne or dryness, and blisters are no different. Once I dove into the natural cures for blisters, the results were pretty cool.

First, if you're a runner, hiker, or avid high heel wearer, you know that blisters can derail your workout or night out faster than anything else. Your skin is most delicate and thin around your eyes, hands, and feet. That's why these areas are more prone to aging and other damage, like sunburns or blisters. Friction and a bad fitting shoe are the most likely culprits for foot blisters, according to Runner's World. So the best way to prevent blisters is to wear appropriately fitting shoes and socks. Basically, I don't care how the shoes look: if they don't fit, they get tossed!

Here are some natural remedies if you do get a blister, and how to apply them.

1. Aloe Vera

Amara Organics Aloe Vera Gel, $16, Amazon

Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it will relieve the redness and swelling a blister causes. According to WebMd, people have been using aloe vera for softening the skin for thousands of years. So go ahead and splurge on those succulents.

2. Organic Antiperspirant Or Chafing Stick

Nourish Clean & Organic Stick Deodorant In Lavender Mint, $7, Amazon

OK, this isn't completely natural, but you can choose an organic option. Be careful you don't pick up a plain ole deodorant, however. Antiperspirant is specifically made to combat moisture, which is a huge contributing factor. Blisters are made worse by moisture and friction, so keep both at bay with an anti-chafing balm.

3. Green Tea

Prince Of Peace Organic Green Tea, $9, Amazon

According to Reader's Digest, you should soak your blistered feet in green tea. "First, brew three tea bags in boiling water, then toss in a teaspoon of baking soda (for its antiseptic properties)." Once you've let the concoction cool down a bit, you'll dip your feet in and let your blister soak. "You can use gauze to apply the home remedy to the area if the blister is in an area too difficult to soak. Also, if your blister hasn't popped, you can speed up the healing process by soaking it in warm water to help it soften up and drain the fluid inside."

4. Eggs

OK, I'm going to be real with you on this one. While it's all over the internet as a natural remedy for blisters, I can't find any real science behind it. The idea may have come from a National Institute of Health study that suggests egg membranes promote infection-free healing. It's an old wives tale that may or may not work, but it's worth a shot!

5. Tee Tree Oil

DoTERRA Melaleuca Essential Oil, $21, Amazon

Essentail oils are so hip right now, but for a good reason — I promise. Tea Tree Oil, according to Everyday Heath, "has some antibacterial properties and is an astringent, which helps dry up the blister. For most people it wouldn’t hurt, but for some, it could irritate the skin.” If the blister is already popped, this is a good option.

6. Salt Water

Dr Teals Lavender Epsom Salt - Soothe & Sleep, $11, Amazon

An epsom salt foot soak is a great way to alleviate swelling and clean off infection-causing dirt, but you should still go the extra mile to treat the blister itself.

Images: Pexels; Courtesy of Brands