'Anchorman 2' Might Not Be as Funny as These Real-Life Anchors Who Flubbed On Air

Anchorman 2 comes out Wednesday in most theaters AND THAT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT. Have you grabbed your best friends and grown out (and/or taped on) some massive mustaches and side burns in honor of this momentous occasion? Us too! It's been almost a decade since Ron Burgundy and the Channel Six News Team changed our lives and choice of fragrance forever. The sequel brings us into the '70s where Ron and his team tackle New York City's first-ever 24-hour news station after he was fired from a huge network where his wife Veronica Corningstone was given a huge promotion. Scandal! By the looks of the Anchorman 2 trailers and Will Ferrell's insane car ads, the sequel packs just as many punches and insane characters as the first. Oh, it's also going to be ridiculously quotable like the original. "Are you a vampire?" "No, I'm gay."

Will Ferrell has also been cavorting about the U. S. of A. as the world's most legendary news anchor, Ron Burgundy, and doing such important things as actually reporting the news in North Dakota, doing a 24-hour takeover at Emerson College (which named The Ron Burgundy School of Communication in his honor), and totally schooling One Direction on Saturday Night Live.

In short, it's a good time to be Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland, and Champ Kind — they're kind of a big deal. And as for Veronica, kudos to you, you champion of women and looking good in polyester. So let's pay tribute to Corningstone and Anchorman 2 with our favorite compilation of hilariously lovable Anchorwomen who've made some mistakes that I'm sure they could laugh at, too.

The Grape Lady

This was in the early years of Internet fame. And it's so hard not to laugh.

The Did-She-Just-Out-A-Guy Lady

The Fast-Recovering Skateboard Lady

The Not-a-Cat-Person Lady

The Talking-to-a-Boat? Lady

The Brick-Tamland's-Spirit-Animal-in-the-Background Lady

This Ryan-Lochte-Fan Lady